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craigslist Given that places in the Bay Area fill up so quickly, I made this to notify me whenever anything new was posted for a search I previously made on Craigslist. This was also an experiment integrating with Twilio (

craigslist-listings Manage your account and listings on Craigslist.

craigslist-watcher A way to keep track of new Craigslist postings without ever having to check Craigslist manually

crawl-baby A node.js module to crawl data which only you want from a website.

crawlit A node.js crawler support custom crawl rules for special site with a plugin.

critic Nothing here yet

crushit CrushIt is a commandline tool for crawling web pages and compiling scripts

csfd csfd api

css-crawler Crawl web via css selector

css-find css-find ---

cupid An alternative of venus the feed aggregator

curvefever-stats A statistics and match making library for the curvefever game

cutml HTML string shortener

dadot-cheerio Extract content body from article

dailysentence Get daily sentence from Hujiang site

daisy-resources A data representation of a DAISY 2.02 book

dalek-internal-actions DalekJS inetrnal browser action library

dalek-internal-actions-canary DalekJS inetrnal browser action library

dalekjs A node based cross browser testing tool

dalekjs-canary A node based cross browser testing tool

dataviz-tangible Module facilitant l'accès a diverses API

dcin unofficial API wrapper

deface node.js/express port of spree/deface. Allows overriding of HTML without partials.

deviantart Access to various deviantART data

dhl A dhl/ups packet tracking module

dhtmlplus DHTMLPlus is a HTML Template Framework built for nodeJS. It supports Azure and Standalone sites. It is designed to support as many websites as you need on a single listener.

docpad-plugin-frontmatter Generates a table of contents that can be inserted into pages.

docpad-plugin-gdocs From a Google Document into a Docpad doc

docpad-plugin-writingcandy DocPad plugin that adds the extra syntax

docparse-supplier-nga 'Handle scraped data from the Ngrid Gas website as well as the ocr text from scanned Ngrid Gas bills. Ngrid Gas uses the *supplier_code* **NGA** in the Docparse system'

doctor-md MD docs - markdown to html documentation generator

docxconv Utility script to convert MS Word doc(x) files to clean HTML/Markdown.

dojin dojin.js is a simple dojinshi metadata search module for nodejs.

dollar Web scraper with a jQuery like wrapper

domly A template system that generates DOM

dommod Load up some HTML, modify it with JavaScript, and output the modified DOM!

domtosource This module wraps around Cheerio and magically calculates the line and column numbers where DOM elements appear in the HTML source code.

download-dropbox-share 下载dropbox共享文件夹下的文件到本地,无需使用app key

droopy-imdb IMDB screen scraper

druid NodeJS Jabber bot framework

easypack This is a very, very simple build tool to packege the js and css includes in a html file into one combined js and css (optionally minified) files

easyspider mini spider.

echomunge-web Collect text (from a web address) and echo back out text with similar patterns. Pure silliness with no practical purpose.

edify Documentation generator for GitHub:Pages.

elsewhere A node project that aims to replicate the functionality of the Google Social Graph API

emb-script embed external script to HTML

emoji-clipboard Pulls an emojicon from and copies it to your clipboard.

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

extractdoc For extracting structured text from an existing document

extrae A web scraping framework written in coffeescript

eyrolles-api Unofficial API for


eztv_api_x Web Scraper to provide methods to access EZTV easier

facilpralembrar-scrape A simple web scrapper

fast-diy A small tool to quickly format Discuz! diy module.

faviconico GET /favicon.ico

feed-discover A module for automatic RSS/Atom feed discovery.

femonitor 前端异常监控

fh A Command Line Interface for NGUI FeedHenry

fh-app-forms Cloud side integrations into app forms - for now just: * Wufoo

fh-fhc A Command Line Interface for FeedHenry

fh-fhc-test A Command Line Interface for FeedHenry

filtro Catch web pages data, manipulating HTML in the server.

finance Module for portfolio optimization, prices and options

find-cine Find movie theaters near you (good to use with geoLocation)

find-resources Scans HTML and CSS for local resource paths

firm An library to look up firm registry info

flights An library to look up flights schedules

fmg API to interact with

fold simple templating library for node and browsers that uses css selectors and plain html

forage A search engine based on Node.js and LevelDB

forage-document-processor A library for parsing HTML into any sort of JSON you want

forage-fetch Fetch pure HTML from a webserver and save it to disk

forerunner forerunner is a distributed job queue framework

form-scraper Scrape and Submit forms easily...

formful Reflect HTML forms from [Resourceful]( resources.

fruit-loops Provides a performant jQuery-like environment for rendering of client-side SPA application within node servers.

ft-wp Front-Trends Wordpress generator

fuck_grunt Does what it's named

functional-docs A documentation test suite for HTML files

furniture MVC for Vs

gaijinpot-apartments Simple read-only interface to

generator-armadillo Yeoman generator for static websites

generator-axyz Yeoman Generator inspired by generator-webapp with flexibility in mind

generator-btapp BitTorrent btapp.js web app yeoman generator

generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions

generator-cip-framework Scaffold for cip front end js applications.

generator-couchapp Scaffold out a front-end web app; based on generator-webapp

generator-dictyweb Scaffold out a front-end web app for the dictyBase

generator-django-webapp Scaffold out a Django web app with front-end support

generator-float Scaffolds out a front-end web app built specifically for Aan Zee's Float Framework

generator-frontend-php A generator for Yeoman with php support

generator-fuse A Yeoman generator for Fuse Creative Communications web project scafolding

generator-fxos Firefox OS Generator for grunt-fxos

generator-gulp-bootstrap Scaffold out a front-end web app using Sass (node-sass) by default

generator-gulp-webapp Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-hbswebapp Default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end web app

generator-jhipster Java + Spring + JPA + AngularJS complete dev stack

generator-jhipster-ember Java + Spring + JPA + EmberJS complete dev stack

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