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generator-marionette-express Yeoman generator for Marionette and Express

generator-mobile Mobile generator for scaffolding out a mobile-first webapp

generator-react Scaffold out a front-end web app with React

generator-reactjs Scaffold out a front-end web app with ReactJS

generator-rocket Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-sails A Yeoman sails generator largley copied from generator-webapp

generator-scheme-web A Yeoman generator for Scheme Designs web project scafolding

generator-senchatouch Scaffold out a senchatouch app

generator-sf2 Scaffold out a Symfony2 web app

generator-sharepoint Yeoman generator for scaffolding out SharePoint grunt build system among other stuff

generator-silex Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a silex app

generator-skylark Create an empty Skylark project from scratch.

generator-sp2013 Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a SharePoint 2013 HTML Master & Page Layouts project

generator-sp2013-bootstrap3 Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a SharePoint 2013 HTML Master & Page Layouts project using Bootstrap 3.0

generator-swulp Scaffold out a front-end swulp

generator-symfony Scaffold out a Symfony 2 PHP web app

generator-troopjs Scaffolding TroopJS application

generator-tumblr Yeoman generator for scaffolding and testing a Tumblr theme

generator-webapp Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-webapp-bfytw Yeoman generator based on generator-webapp.

generator-webapp-del Scaffold out a webapp with stuff I like to use.

generator-webapp-impro Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-webapp-php Scaffold out a front-end web app with a PHP back-end

generator-webapp-rjs Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-yawa Scaffold out a front-end web app

get-images scrape a page and get an array of all the <a> links to pngs or jpegs

get-translation Effective translation workflow

gh-streak Get your current GitHub streak.

ghpages-convert A command line tool to convert github page templates to blogs

gistor A command tool help you manage gist easily

github-from-html Find the github user & repo from a html-string with the "Fork me on GitHub"-badge

github-natural github text analysis

glenlivet-htmltojson A Glenlivet plugin that transforms HTML into JSON declaratively.

goat-node Simple view engine for Express

goear_api Simple API to goear service.

goldquote current price of gold

google A module to search and scrape google. This is not sponsored, supported, or affiliated with Google Inc.

google-alerts Create custom google alerts from Node.js

google-image-search Download Images from Google Image in nodejs

google-scraper Extract links from Google SERP

google-search-parser Google Search ads and results parser

google-search-parser-4hype Google Search ads and results parser

gopro API for controlling GoPro Hero 3 series cameras

gopro_hero_api Control you GoPro camera remotely with the Node.js GoPro API. Aiming to be the most comprehensive api possible; you can access a wide array of settings, power your device on or off and, most importantly, backup your videos/images remotely over wifi.

gp ## Описание

gradebook Used to log a user into to the bsd405 gradebook and retrive their grade information

grooveshark-streaming A node.js module for getting a music streaming url from Grooveshark without any API authentication.

groovr Grooveshark API Client

grunt-acf exports Advanced Custom Fields to PHP

grunt-ajax-seo Grunt plugin that generates sstatic html snapshots of an ajax-based site by crawling

grunt-angular-play-gettext Tasks for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings.

grunt-apitastic Generate JSON from HTML using CSS selectors.

grunt-append-tags Watch for new files and append them in your index.html in a smart way

grunt-bust-my-cache Bust static assets from the cache using Can also filter a specific file to be cache busted.

grunt-cache-bust Bust static assets from the cache using content hashing

grunt-documantix Creates html docs out of docblock stuff

grunt-dom-count Count dom elements

grunt-dom-massager Manipulate the dom using cheerio via grunt task

grunt-dom-munger Read and manipulate HTML with CSS selectors. Ex. read <script> tags from your html. Remove nodes, add nodes, and more.

grunt-email-builder Combine Html and Css into an email

grunt-ez-frontend Easily configure Grunt to concatenate, minimize js files, parse less files, concatenate them with other css files and minimize them using csso and autoprefix

grunt-favicons Generate favicon.ico and icons for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Firefox (OS)

grunt-gconfig Grunt task for generating HTML metadata configuration options for gconfig

grunt-ghoul An abstract test runner that runs and reports on front-end test suites.

grunt-havasconcat The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-highlight Run highlight.js over files

grunt-html-builder Build HTML sites

grunt-html-smoosher A grunt task which takes a html file, finds all the css and js links, and outputs a version with all the css and js written inline for ease of pasting into a cms

grunt-html-upgrader Upgrade your html files in a snap

grunt-iconic-doc Extract documentation for iconic svgs

grunt-imagine Grunt tasks for optimizing, inlining & spriting images

grunt-infusionsoft Create classes and interfaces for Infusionsoft's XML-RPC API from their online documentation.

grunt-init-block Generates css file structure according to classes used in HTML. Relies on BEM naming for classes.

grunt-inline-angular-templates Inline angular templates into an HTML file

grunt-inline-angular-templates-unescape Inline angular templates into an HTML file

grunt-ireplinks The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-jquery-content A collection of tasks for building the jQuery websites

grunt-litmus Send email tests to Litmus

grunt-lux The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-mdeb Grunt task to publish markdown docs as EPUB 3.0 book.

grunt-ne Grunt plugins including css-collect, spm-build and html-replace

grunt-nginclude Grunt task for embedding AngularJS ngInclude elements

grunt-pipe Simple file pipe process in gruntjs

grunt-raggedast Adjust the text rag of your documents for better readability.

grunt-requirejs Building require.js based applications with grunt

grunt-requirejs-jzaefferer Using requirejs and almond with grunt

grunt-reverse Deconstruct HTML pages and turn them into layouts, includes, components and data files.

grunt-spiritual-edbml Compile EDBML

grunt-svg-compactor Turns a folder of SVG files into a single .css file using data-uri.

grunt-svgstore Merge SVGs from a folder.

grunt-translate Translate dynamic texts

grunt-unknown-css Detect undeclared CSS classes in your HTML.

grunt-walrus walrus converter

grunt-wctranspile A Grunt task that transpiles Web Components declaration into pure JavaScript

grunt-wickit A simple plugin to generate static html from a Github wiki repo, including an index for search capability.

gulp-angular-templates AngularJS template assembler for Gulp.js

gulp-cheerio Manipulate HTML files with Cheerio in Gulp.

gulp-cssfont64 Encode base64 data from font-files and store the result in a css file.

gulp-dom-src Create a gulp stream from script/link tags in an HTML file.

gulp-highlight ## Install

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