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active-markdown A tool for generating reactive documents from markdown source.

ajs Experimental asyncronous templating in Node

analyze-css CSS selectors complexity and performance analyzer

arctor A CommonJS module dependency mapper and graphing tool.

artifact Artifact Graph Node Client.

ba web client benchmark tool (the opposite of ab)

beseda Beseda is fast, well designed and featured Pub/Sub server. Beseda offers multiple platform API to develop realtime web applications.

blueprints blueprints is a JavaScript template library for generating DOM elements. It takes a directory and converts it into a namespaced template library.

brew-php-select Homebrew and the [homebrew-php tap]( make it easy enough to install multiple versions of PHP, but they don't make it all that convenient to switch between them. Specifically, the instructions recommend altering your shell's path and your apache config every time you switch versions. This script automates that process and reboots apache for you (if it's running).

cdn-sync deflate / synchronise assets to a CDN

changelog Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in's registry as well as any public repo.

color-difference Color difference calculator

commit Some git automation

convoke A command line tool to move all files matching a GLOB pattern into a single folder.

countdown.js super-simple command line egg-timer

csvutils A collection of CSV utilities

depends Put a stop to JavaScript dependancy accidents.

devserver Simple local development server

dlx-examples Example solutions to exact cover problems with dlx

dommr Big pile of awesome

enjin A small angularjs module generator

esformatter-diff Compute the difference between your code and the formatted version with esformatter

exif-renamer A NodeJS library & shell command to rename photos using their EXIF data.

flow5 framework and toolset for developing mobile apps and webapps

gcw2html Convert Google Code wiki markup to HTML using wikiwym

ghint A CLI for JSHint

github-label-copy github-label-copy =================

grooveshark-cli Command line tools for Grooveshark

imgbi Simple command-line client and Node.js library for use

initr A helpful command to initialize your projects!

ipv6 A browser- and node-compatible library for parsing IPv6 addresses

jekyll-fix-titlecase globs over markdown posts and fixes title casing

jendoc Javascript documentation generator

jessie Node runner for Jasmine JavaScript BDD testing framework

js-hack A multiplayer JavaScript hacking game.

jsconfig async configuration loader with cli support

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

jshint Static analysis tool for JavaScript

jsiohint A jsio flavored CLI for JSHint

launchjs Launch Application Framework

ld.js Linker for JavaScript files.

lixian-cli lixian xunlei cli on casperjs

lj2jekyll Move your LiveJournal blog to Jekyll.

maillogparser CLI - mail.log.parser

mdox Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

metriks A lightweight graphing framework for servers

mongodb_s3_backup A tool to help backup your mongodb databases to s3.

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mysql-dynamo-pump Pump data from a mysql databse to aws dynamo db.

nclosure Server-side Google Closure with Node.js

nclosure-d Based on nclosure server-side Google Closure with Node.js

nclosureultimate Server-side Google Closure with Node.js

neasy An easy web framework based on express for node.js

nenya package management

nodast Asterisk FastAgi Proxy

noflo Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript

on-the-githubs Uses GitHub API3 to aggregate community activity of open source projects

opencomb-cli The command line interface tools of OpenComb

palsu-app Palsu meeting tool --

passbook iOS Passbook for the Node hacker

phpjs php.js offers community built php functions in javascript

ply-cli Command-line utility for generating and working with Google Polymer element sources

pressup Build tools for WordPress

projectwatch Automatic test and preprocessor runner.

proto-cli A front-end web prototyping tool, combining markup, style, and script into a served, rendered page.

pupa-validate Validates JSON documents dumped by Pupa against JSON Schema

replica REPL which throws JavaScript code to browsers

ripple-gateway-api This software is a database-backed web server that serves as a back end for Ripple Gateway applications.

serenity Easy static site generator

serverus Git branch server

smtp-sink SMTP server for testing. Accepts e-mails and lists them via a http interface.

sonos_cli Sonos Command Line Interface

spotify-cli A cli for spotify, currently osx only.

swiffer Command line syntax checker for Dust.

sws An instant Static Web Server (for static content). Actually just a command line runner for connect.[static|staticProvider].

task-queue-worker A powerful tool for background processing of tasks that are run by making standard http requests.

termcamp A command-line interface for Campfire.

tor-auto-identity-changer Little script that periodically request an identity change via the telnet control of your tor client

tramp Translate Message Properties using Google Translate

transkode Image/Video Transcoding Server

ukijs Simple client side app framework

voltjs VoltDB binary driver

voltjs-alt VoltDB binary driver - a workaround version

watchdir watch a directory. perform a command upon change.

watchman A simple utility to watch files/directories and perform an action when they change.

watson Memory Leak Sleuthing

webada Simplest web server

xpftojson A commandline utility for converting crossword puzzles in xpf format to the json format used by crossword.js

yui-cli YUI file combiner

yui-coverage Express server to serve YUI test coverage files for faster development.

yui-local YUI Local Combo Handler

yui-repl YUI 3 Powered REPL

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