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0815 Och nee, nicht noch ein Built-Script…

a-taste-of-node A short node workshop

aglio An API Blueprint renderer with theme support

alto A MVCS framework for javascript applications.

ambulance MongoDB restore from S3 to remote database

ann IRC bot made to announce and for convenience.

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes.

apeman Meta web application frame work.

arabica A build tool for CoffeeScript/JavaScript projects

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

atoum.js The modern, simple and intuitive PHP 5.3+ unit testing framework, now for JS

baboon Baboon Web Toolkit, modular fullstack web application framework for single-page realtime apps.

basset Website performance sniffer. Uses phantomjs and netsniff.js to perform multiple tests and display averaged results.

blammo Blammo! Logger for NodeJS - built after LogBack for Java

blogin A simple static blog framework, powered by Node.js.

bower-import install and import modules without fuss

bower-npm-install [![Build Status](]( [![NPM version](]( [![Depend

brofist-minimal A minimal test reporter for Brofist.

buddy-minimal A minimal test reporter for buddy.

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

bundy Easy and lightweight tool to quickly bundle JavaScript (and CSS and other assets) releases.

callback-logger Log callback results

cfmin Common Font Minification Tool

checkdns Resolution of domain names or IP addresses given or from a file

cinovo-logger-console Console endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cirru-interpreter a interpreter for Cirru language

clairvoyant Build Psykick game skeletons using a custom language

cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack

cli-log This project provides common log methods for command line.

cli-mandelbrot A command line viewer of the Mandelbrot set

cli-presenter A node-cli presenter based on REPL

clojure-script seamless integration between NodeJS and ClojureScript

clui A Node.js toolkit for drawing nice command line tables, gauges, and sparklines.

cluster-overseer An experimental cluster manager

codepainter A JavaScript beautifier that can both infer coding style and transform code to reflect that style. You can also set style preferences explicitly in a variety of ways.

codle code for kindle

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

color-util-logs Date time console logging with color

colorize-str Use html/css style color codes for your console/terminal output.

compliancejs A javascript code best practices checker that let you define your own coding rules.

connect4 connect 4, in node, why not

conquer Restarts NodeJS or Coffee (or any other program) on file changes or crashes

console-debug Replaces the console object with a more stylish and practical way of displaying notices,warn,info,debug,log and errors. There is also the ability to catch uncaughtExceptions, disable the output colors, and log to file. You can also setup filters if you want the console or log to file not showing a certain debug message type.

console-transit A console client for getting transit information.

console-weather A console client for getting the current weather forecast.

converjon An on-the-fly image conversion service

cordova-plugins List/download available Phonegap plugins from and

core-framework-cli CLI para o core-framework

css-find css-find ---

css-purge A command line Node JS app for the removal of duplicate CSS rules and or properties.

csv-compare Specify the key columns and value columns, csv-compare will give you different between two csv files.

cushion-cli Command line tool for CouchDB based on cushion.

daily daily - A LevelDB based logging system

dalek-reporter-console Console reporter for the Dalekjs testing framework

dalek-reporter-console-canary Console reporter for the Dalekjs testing framework

decms-client DeCMS client

definer Easiest module system

dev_mode Continous testing console and file watcher

diap Dependancy Injection with routing support for ExpressJs project

dirty-water Measures JavaScript "dirt" in HTML / EJS / AngularJs template files

dns-switcher allows tailing remote files

dnssearch Node.js command line tool to quickly search available DNS names.

docxconv Utility script to convert MS Word doc(x) files to clean HTML/Markdown.

dozerjs NPM for Managing DozerJS

dupes A command line tool for finding duplicate files

eidolon A simple way to automate tasks in a headless browser

ember-gen Ember Generator Applications -----------

ember-tools Ember Tools -----------

environmenter Sometimes your project involves many tools and discrete pieces to run. Environmenter attempts to help this issue by facilitating the starting up of these pieces and allowing you to define rules about what to do when certain things occur.

es-tar include `#include` extend-script file to standalone executable extend-script

evented-cli NPM Command line tool for Managing projects.

exec-batch Batch execution of shell commands

exif-renamer A NodeJS library & shell command to rename photos using their EXIF data.

expedia simple wrapper around the expedia EAN api

ezservices Cool program to start or stop Mac LaunchAgents (wrapper for launchctl).

fack F4 web stack

fedtools Set of tools for FEDs

fedtools-logs Terminal logs for nodejs

fixclosure JavaScript dependency checker/fixer for Closure Library based on Esprima

flinch Multitask with cat-like reflexes

flowin Real-time project builder & browser-refresh using node.js

footon simple file-system based JSON store with querying

form5-cli Our workflow command line interface

formation Multi-element build system.

freeloader-bundle Collecion of streams for freeloader

fs-redirect-url Sets and unsets cookie with redirect url when creating an account on

generator-flightangular A WebApp Generator for Yeoman: FlightPHP + MongoDB backend, AngularJS frontend.

generator-joosy A generator for Yeoman

generator-poet A generator for a blog powered by Poet using Yeoman

gertie A compiler for Node Webkit

get-saxon-jar download saxon home edition jar file from maven2 repository

geyser The global package manager.

gh GitHub command line tools.

ghstats Command line tool to find interesting stats about a given Github repository

giles a next-gen language watcher/compiler for pre-processed languages

git-repos A git extension to get the state of all repos in a directory

git-timer CLI application that counts down until you commit

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