Packages depending on cli-color

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grind Compile your caffeinated languages.

grunt-bower-organiser Organises Bower components according to their types

grunt-nsp-package Grunt plugin for Node Security Project package.json validation

grunt-nsp-shrinkwrap Grunt plugin for Node Security Project npm-shrinkwrap.json validation

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

harvey Simplifies the testing of RESTful web services, or any other HTTP endpoint for that matter.

helpme Helpme is a console driven assistance tool

hickorydickory Create json blobs from google docs

hirundo SQL automatic generation & migration tool

hoodie-cli Hoodie command-line interface.

hoodie-server __DONT USE ME DIRECTLY__

hoppa a simple way to deliver your less, css and javascripts

hr.js Client-side framework for structured applications.

hyde A simple static site generator

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

impulse-bin node.js bin/ script module loader

incubator A package-based parallel build system

inkwell A diary in your terminal

inquirer A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.

issues GitHub Issues from the CLI.

jadewatch jade folder watcher

jekyll-tools Making Jekyll even easier and more powerful than it already was, for the ultimate lazy person

jingfm-cli jingfm player in command line

joe-reporter-console Console Reporter for the Joe Testing Framework

js-complexity-viz Javascript complexity tool

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

jsc Javascript complexity tool

jshint-table-reporter jshint table reporter

json-diff JSON diff

jsontest Testing JSON data structures using CSS3-like selectors

jstp Node JSTP implementation

jydict ydict nodejs implementation

kapow Simplifying the connection between Vagrant and

konstruct Server factories & middleware

lazie NodeJS module that install my scripts JSHint and EditorConfig in some folder.

less-tree-watch Coffeescript command-line utility for watching and compiling of LESS files

levellogger Levellogger is a simple console logger which respects a simple kind of level. After the level off the logger has been set, all log entries 'below' this level do not get printed to the console.

levitate Levitate is an exploit development platform

live-template-installer Command line utility for automatically installing live templates to Intellij or Webstorm

lochness Awesome logging for Node CLI apps.

log-color Log.js + color.

log-dispatch Log dispatch add functionality for better console and other logging.

logme Minimalistic stream logger

logparty cleans up httparty logs

long-con Create a console logger w/ formatting, timestamp, color, namespace

loom Weave your wefts betwixt the warps of loom generators and scaffolds.

madeye MadEye ======

maia Maia Server Implementation (

manchu carefree handlebars template pre-compilation at runtime

mangafetcher Manga downloader/fetcher for devs

mapperjs The solution for node.js for migrate data from the old format to the new format data with pre-processing

markov-algorithm A Markov (normal) algorithm interpreter.

mayiuse Detect CSS3 in command line.

message-go A tiny tool to automatically collect messages in source file and transfer them into message properties file(for SF projects)

meteor-em A command line tool for scaffolding Meteor applications.

mhl-dispatcher A node dispatcher server for running and managing batch processes

midgard.js Utility web framework

mina Lightweight deployer for node development, inspired by mina and minco

minco Simple deployment helper inspired by mina

minigap Client-side javascript framework for PhoneGap

mongodb_s3_backup A tool to help backup your mongodb databases to s3.

mozfee MozRepl + CoffeeScript + α

mpkg CLI for managing a Nolinio package server

munch Munch.js is a utility that rewrites classes and ids in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files in order to save precious bytes and obfuscate your code.

mwm Maxmertkit widget manager. It is like npm for css. Check out for more info.

nappy node.js api docs from the command line

next-update Tests if module's dependencies can be updated to latest version

nimoy ▲▽ ::

node-hostme lightweight http server for developing API based web apps

node-jstp Node JSTP implementation

node-riak-tools Backup and restore for node json documents

node-server Node servers launcher.

node-simple-logger Simple & Sexy logger for Node

node-stat the statistics tool like dstat which outputs JSON. This module works only on Linux >= 2.6

nodeapi Check nodejs api document quickly and easily, just like godoc!

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

nodecover A lightweight, pure javascript code coverage tool and library for nodejs

nodegrep async grep command

nodns A minimal, easy and local alternative to running a DNS server.

noflo Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript

nsp Node Security Project command line tools

nss Node Style Sheets: A CSS Preprocessor in JavaScript Syntax

nsyrc A command line tool for easily defining and maintaining rsync backups

nyanloader A very cool console Loader with Nyan Cat

observatory Beautiful UI for showing tasks running on the command line.

one-command A collection of web app development tools which help you focus on program and no need to worry about other things.

originate generates project scaffolds with loom

originate-origin loom origin for creating loom origins (yo dawg)

otagai Otagai is an architecture application skeleton and framework that allows you to develop websites rapidly in Node.js and Express

oven-build A drop-dead simple build tool for CoffeeScript applications

parker A stylesheet analysis tool

pdiffy pdiffy is a perceptual difference tool used to compare images for differences. This tool is primarily aimed at web developement for comparing different states of a website.

pelican YouTube web server with real-time queue. Ideal as a music server in your workplace.

penelope A Sass analysis tool

pince A logger for node inspired by log4j and commons-logging.

pms PMS package builder/loader for NodeJS

powpow Automated template directory creation

propro Profile tool

raft-logger Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - Logger module

rapido Rápido is an extensible command line interface that enables rapid development for any technology stack. Rápido is written in JavaScript and is built on top of Node.js and npm.

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