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a.config Node.js Config System

alpaca EIP for Node.js, influenced by Apache Camel

anime-subscriber add your subscribed anime to xunlei-cloud automatically

ansi-html-stream Stream ANSI terminal output to an HTML format.

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-editor-2 A new content area editor for Apostrophe. Integrates ckeditor and allows the option of using other rich text editors. Alternative content area editors can also be created following the same interface.

appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.

astral AST tooling framework for JavaScript

astral-angular-annotate AngularJS DI annotation pass for astral

autoingesttool Apple Auto-Ingest tool written in JavaScript for NodeJS

bake static file bakery

baudio-party javascript music party http server

bindlestiff A light entity/component system for building JavaScript games

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bower2nix Generate nix expressions to fetch bower dependencies

bread file based cms/blog engine without backend

clone-merge Library for cloning an optionally merging json objects

cloudcms-server Cloud CMS Application Server Support Module

comprezzor easy and reusable way to compress and decompress text data without headers (e.g. for storage in redis)

configer Configer is a reader for local file configuration.

configfiles Get files from a configuration using globule.

converjon An on-the-fly image conversion service

convert-dates Convert all Date instances in an object.

couchpenter CouchDB database and document setup tool.

crdt-merkle A quick and rough extraction of some legacy code for using merkle trees with crdt.

cssjoin Extend css @import loaded file

data-streams Transforms the Dataset resources of a package.jsonld into streams

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

decisions Easy configuration for Node.js applications.

defaults merge single level defaults over a config object

defunct Library of functional helper functions

depresso Dependency resolution with json path expressions

discover Node discovery based on Kademlia DHT protocol

discovery Discovery provides dynamic service discovery over a pluggable interface.

dpkg-squirrel Run a pipeline of analytics descibed as metadata of a datapackage, give them some inputs and package the outputs adding resources to the data package.

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

ee-orm An easy to use ORM for node.js. Supports advanced eager loading, complex queries, joins, transactions, complex database clusters & connection pooling.

eidetic A Node JS module for storing objects in a memory-based cache.

eight-track Record and playback HTTP requests

elegant Open Source, Clean and Flexible NodeJs Web Framework With Beautiful Code, Easy to Learn And All the Power of Node

emptykeep Create keep file (default is .gitkeep) file to empty directory

energy-relay game mechanics for proximity-based energy relay realtime strategy games

enhanced-require Enhance the require function in node.js with support for loaders which preprocess files and really async require (AMD). Enables Hot Code Replacement.

envcfg stupid simple environment aware configuration

epi-models Classical epidemiological models for seasonal acute infectious diseases

etc Configuration loader for node.js applications

express-cookie-blacklist Blacklist data from entering cookies.

express-route-stats keep stats on route usage in express.js

fakesome Easily create colossal amounts of fake data

fiddle mongodb inspired object manipulation

fn-object map and filter for object's keys and values, and get a modified object

fs-memory-store Filesystem store with in-memory cache create and edit maps, on the internet

geojson2svg Converts geojson to svg/path string given svg viewport size and maps extent.

getlet HTTP(s) get request with redirect, compress and streaming

gin-gp genetic programming system

gossipmonger-memory-storage In-memory storage engine for Gossipmonger

grunt-ppem Grunt plugin for PPem

grunt-yui-config grunt-yui-config ====================

gulp-awspublish gulp plugin to publish files to amazon s3

gulp-css Minify css with clean-css.

gulp-css-flip A CSS BiDi flipper gulpjs plugin based on css-flip package

gulp-esmangle gulp plugin for esmangle minifying task

gulp-html-prettify HTML Prettify Plugin for Gulp

gulp-minify-css Minify css with clean-css.

gulp-ruby-haml Compile Haml to HTML with Ruby Haml

gulp-swig Swig Plugin for Gulp

gulp-zopfli Zopfli compressor for gulp

hipcheck Active health checker for hipache proxy written in Node.js. Hipache health-checker will check the backends specified regularly and add/remove them from redis.

hoodie-plugin-users [![Build Status](](

httphooks A webhook implementation which extends the concept to HTTP REST API's

hubocator Call hubot on javascript

iconfig config client based on iservice-client

Index bakes index files, feeds and tag pages for websites

inversion Simple IoC-like system for managing complex object graphs.

itempile split and merge 'piles' of items

jef Just enough framework

jfs A simple JSON file store

js-cast Voice Streaming from client Browser using nodejs

jsonld-html-view add <a> tags where needed

jsonwatch Json file reader, which will emit events on the Json file content. It will also watch your Json file for any changes and emit events which will tell you about the changes. This module was intended for reading/watching configuration files which may change while running an app.

jsprops Properties for JavaScript Prototypes. Class based. Extended by a Signal implementation.

jts-validator A validator for JSON tabular data

katon Automatically start your Node based projects and serve them locally on .dev domains

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data package manager

level-cluster Use consistent-hashing with hash-rings to distribute reads and writes across multiple multilevel nodes.

level-fix-range make using levelup reverse ranges easy

level-immutable LevelDB/Levelup immutable history and database snapshotting based on ideas in datomic

level-lively Levelup/Leveldb implementation of LivelyDb for doing real-time data binding of a database with local javascript objects.

lifx a library to control LIFX wifi lightbulbs

livelydb Abstract base class for Lively live-streaming database implementations.

m3u8parse Structural parsing of Apple HTTP Live Streaming .m3u8 format

maker Generates files from various templates and inputs

manta Manta Client API

manta-nfs NFS Gateway for the Joyent Manta Storage Service

marauders-map service port announcer and finder

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