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account-logger Add logging to the account interface

codebricks node-codebricks ===============

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

docparse-api api server for the docparse project

docparse-bill-parse-worker Save the results of docparse supplier specific parsers into the database

docparse-scraper-hes scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nge scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nst Node Zombie based scraper to scrape bills from the NStar (supplier code "NST)" website

docparse-supplier-nge process ngrid electric utility bill data for use in the docparse system

docparse-upload-process process upload api request for the docparse server

hfs HTTP File Server

i_love_u Fall in love with computers all over again. The open-source data visualization framework's Framework Engine's software development kit (SDK)

mechhome A framework for DIY home automation and security monitoring in node.js

miataru-server this is the reference implementation of a server

nproc A process management console written in Node.js

piglow-animations piglow-animations is an extension for piglow that adds animation capabilities

rbot bot made with mineflayer which can do task

stubby a lightweight server for stubbing external systems and endpoints

treeflow Flow sequential dependant and independant

weblogic WebLogic Client

who-are-you A connect middleware to provide private-public key authentication.

xmpp-ftw-demo XMPP-FTW Demo/Example System

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