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apw APW (Arch-Plans-Workers) [![Build Status](]( ========================

army _Check for the planned features_

bem BEM Tools

bem-bench Инструмент позволяет выполнять регрессионное тестирование производительности `BEMHTML` и `BH` шаблонов, сравнивая скорость выполнения шаблонов между указанными ревизиями проекта и текущей рабочей копией.

bem-init Generate BEM project scaffolding from a template.

bem-version Version helper link `npm version` as a bem-tools command extension. Works with package.json and bower.json files.

bem-xjst [XJST]( compiler for a BEM-specific templates.

bemc BEM templates compiler

bemhtml-lint lint tool for bemhtml

bemp URL rewrite proxy for bem server

borschik Extendable builder for text-based file formats

borschik-server Dev HTTP server to process JS and CSS files with borschik

borschik-webp Extendable builder for text-based file formats

bower-npm-install [![Build Status](]( [![NPM version](]( [![Depend

bundler Bundler. It is better for you to not know what it is.

canvgc A port of canvg & jscanvas, which pareses svg input and outputs js code to reproduce on a canvas.

gemini UI Screenshot testing utility

krasota Syntactic transformations of JavaScript code, with taking care of whitespaces and comments.

nanoislands-check-call Dummy checks to prevent XSS in nanoislands yate templates

npm2debian Utility to convert npm packages to Debian packages

ometa-highlighter Code highlighter based on Ometa/JS (little inspired by Pygments)

ometa-js An object-oriented language for pattern matching

ometajs A object-oriented language for pattern matching

rockets ![Rocket](

shmakowiki Yet another wiki dialect, inspired by WackoWiki and WikiCreole

svgmule Combines and minimizes your original SVG's on a per folder basis into one single file each.

svgo Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files

svgreindeer Renders SVG's to PNG's for a fallback in older IE's and email clients.

xjst XSLT inspired JavaScript templates (with spices)

yadisk yandex disk command line tool

ybundler YBundler. It is better for you to not know what it is.

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