Packages depending on coffee-script

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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

3vot-cli 3VOT Command Line Interface to run development task from the command line.

a3 a3 loads any folder of code into an 'API Tree'

accord-cli compile any language from the command line

accumulator Wait to call the final callback until all subtasks have returned.

acf ERROR: No file found!

acid A rails flavored asset pipeline based on piler

action-controller basic rails-like controller

activepush Web push service built around ActiveMQ (or any STOMP broker)

adafruit-i2c-lcd Node Library for using adafruit i2c rgb lcd pi plate

adafruit-i2c-pwm-driver node.js /i2c control for the Adafruit PWM servo driver

adc-pi-spi Using an ADC (MCP3008) with a Pi over spi

address-validator Validate street addresses via google's geocoding API. Get back valid addresses with lat/lon coords and a set of inexact matches

adhoq Experimental website framework

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

agentvsagent Agent vs Agent

aggregate Aggregate function calls accross a tick

aglio An API Blueprint renderer with theme support

agoragames-leaderboard Leaderboards backed by Redis in CoffeeScript

aiml Artificial Intelligence Markup Language lib for Node.js

air-drop Utility for packaging, manipulating and delivering JS and CSS source to the browser

ajsh asynchronous jasmine specification helper

ake A build tool

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

ale Utility belt with some list comprehension, type checking, and Functional Programming helpers.

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

alpha-one ideas about recurring tasks in Web- and Backend-Application building

amazon-products A node.js module to crawl product IDs from Amazon.

amazon-reviews A node.js module to crawl product reviews from Amazon.

amdee Converting CommonJS modules into AMD format

america-depressed non pci compliant cc app

amico Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis

amqp-coffee AMQP driver for node

amqp-dsl Amqp-DSL - Fluent interface for node-amqp

amz Amazon EC2 cli on coffee-script

aneth Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

ang-tangle tangles source files into an angular application

angular-issue-infinite-loop Test case for angular problem. Causes ininite loop on chrome.

angular-templates-brunch Wrap templates in an AngularJS module for Brunch.IO

anode Humus inspired actor framework for Node.js

anti-matter flexible command line documentation CoffeeScript compiler extension for anvil.js

apacroot List of top level BrowseNode of Amazon Product Advertising API

api-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

apiblueprint-sdk Provide a javascript interface for web APIs that are described in API blueprint.

apparat apparat is a simple but powerful way to organize async code for nodejs

appbot-compiler AppBot compiler for CommonJS Apps and Components

appfog-env Parses service bindings and configuration information for Node.js apps on AppFog

appkit Extensions for building applications using Spine.js

applious-draft A draft site scaffold for rapid front-end development using CoffeeScript, Eco and Stylus.

apps-a-middleware ![image](

apps-b-builder A based builder for making modular JS packages

appspine node.js application namespace base class

apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer

aquatic-prime node.js port of AquaticPrime license generator

arabica A build tool for CoffeeScript/JavaScript projects

arcabouco-js scalable microframework in node.js

archai of-course, the cosmos is alive

archie Simple archetypes inspired by mvn archetype:generate. Interface with the api

archivist prototype of the Archivist archetype for the Personify framework

argumenta Social argument collaboration for the web.

argus Complex CLI argument parser

ariel continuously test and cover files using mocha and coveraje. Note: ariel requires an index.js in root as entry point for now.

ark Packages code for the browser as Node modules.

aroma Command line utility to compile [CoffeeScript]( objects into [property list]( files.

arso Weather from ARSO

artic Artic, for blogs.

artsy-passport Wires up the common auth handlers for Artsy's [Ezel]( apps using [passport](

artsy-xapp-middleware Node middleware that fetches an xapp token from Artsy, stores it in res.locals, and expires it.

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspax-coffee-handler Plugin enabling ASPAX to handle CoffeeScript files.

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

assert-type Runtime type assertions

asset-rack Static Web Framework for Nodejs

asset-wrap Asset management framework for nodejs

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

AssetPipeline Provides Assets

assman Yet another asset manager for node

astream Format various object types to activity stream objects

astrojs Generate astrojs module templates with testing server, test suite, and documentation

astrolin astro-let's do open links / source

async-forkqueue a queue that runs workers asynchronously in child processes

atma Atma.Toolkit

atma-io File / Directory Classes

aur Archlinux AUR cli

authorizedjs A tool for authorization based on permits

autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

automerger Streaming ETL

auton Automated node development environment & resource compiler

aw-cache-heater A cache-heater Cetrea Anywhere.

aw-cache-validator A cache-validator Cetrea Anywhere.

awesomebox Effortless HTML, CSS, JS development in the flavor of your choice

awesomebox-core Rendering core for awesomebox

axiom Environment setup/runtime standardization for Node.js applications.

axiom-base Base scripts for the Axiom environment.

axiom-client Standard client services for Torchlight projects.

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