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cafetiere A static file compacter supporting CoffeeScript, Stylus and CoffeeCup files

coffeecup-helpers A coffeecup module of html helpers

creamer A flatiron plugin for dynamic coffeecup templates

docpad-plugin-coffee Adds support for the various CoffeeScript inspired pre-processors to DocPad. Including CoffeeScript, CoffeeKup and CoffeeCSS, among others.

docpad-plugin-coffeekup Adds support for CoffeeKup compilation to DocPad

docpad-plugin-minicms Add admin features to docpad

githublog write your blog on github

group-lunches Order food as a group without fear of spam

grunt-coffeecup Compile CoffeeCup into HTML.

hubot-rdio Rdio controller for hubot.

limby Server framework for modular applications

live Everything in this folder should be generic.

makdoc-coffeecup Coffeecup plugin for makdoc

nodize Nodize is a CMS (Content Management System) for Node.js, written in CoffeeScript.

power Thanks for installing Tower and using it to build an application! You can read this file for more information on how to get started. You can also read the website we've made: There are also plenty of screencasts here:

saucer node framework

smite Web development with a hammer.

socket-express When realtime and stateless HTTP together, live happily ever after. HMVC framework built on top of Primus and Express.js for Node.js, inspired somehow by the simplicity of PHP Kohana framework (sorry, not another Rails clone for Node for you)

starman A simple utility to build static websites using coffeecup templates, coffeescript, and scss.

template-bench Benchmarks for several text/HTML templating engines

templates-coffeecup A CoffeCup templates prepackager

vc-reset-css Full reset CSS, including browser styling.

zappajs CoffeeScript minimalist interface to express, and others

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