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baggit Store a file on github to be publicly accessible

bracketless Prints json without brackets or commas

compressingjs compressingjs\n read folder every files and compress files type 'JS'\n concat every letter in the file 'JS'

Cuber Rubik's cube model and solver.

devcycle devcycle is command line interface that helps to move files from development to testing and testing to production

glance disposable fileserver

hackers A MUD server for a role-playing game in a futurist world

krang braaain

livelykernel-scripts Scripts and minimal server for running, testing and maintaining LivelyKernel

metamorphic HTML templating languages can be lovely, but it's often a pain to rewrite raw HTML into their particular syntax. Metamorphic lets you do 99% of the work with a simple command-line tool.

rainbowdriver-server Component of the rainbowdriver suite.

remote_js Command-line remote javascript console to debug your mobile web app

shep WARNING: Shep is still in developement. Don't use it in production!

steroids AppGyver Steroids command line interface

testuglify testUglify compress files type JS

windmill simple file-based blog engine

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