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0815 Och nee, nicht noch ein Built-Script…

1pass 1Password reader for the command line.

1password Work With 1Password Keychains

28 Command line utility to download and upload queries.

2csv A pluggable file format converter into Comma-Separated Values (CSV)

2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

7geese The 7Geese command line utility.

abbr Common variable name abbreviation conversion

abbyy-ocr Unofficial node module for calling ABBYY's OCR-SDK. See

abu Jasmine test skeleton builder for Tetra.js

acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-dev Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-qe Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

adhoq Experimental website framework

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

agentvsagent Agent vs Agent

agni Command line utility for creating agni-framework applications

aion This script helps you to create a folder with a Boilerplated Backbone + Underscore + RequireJS App.

aiq AppearIQ Mobile SDK

airlift AirLift-for-Node is a code generation framework for node.js. It draws inspiration from the original Airlift for Google's App Engine.

akashacms A content management system that generates static websites.

aladdin Phantom test runner for Jasmine

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

alarmjs An alarm clock for Node.js and command line.

albert An HTTP event server in Node.js

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

alfred-filter CLI for parsing JSON to Alfred's XML Filter

ali.regenerator Source transformer enabling ECMAScript 6 generator functions (yield) in JavaScript-of-today (ES5)

aliaser Aliaser is a CLI tool to manage aliases for commands in Mac OS X.

alibaba-dev alibaba developer

alieo-builder A build command for our clientside code, assuming the use of components.

alimama-auto-login Login Alimama with Javascript

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

alloy Appcelerator Titanium MVC Framework

ambulance MongoDB restore from S3 to remote database

americano Wrapper for Express that makes its configuration clean and easy.

amigo AngularJS MongoDB Express NodeJS project generator

amino-deploy command-line tool to deploy an application across a cluster of drones

amino-drone drone daemon to receive deployments from amino-deploy

amino-gateway Clusterable load-balancer for Amino services

amino-log logging daemon for amino applications

ampersand CLI tool for generating single page apps a. la.

amqp-watcher A tool to get and send messages from an amqp server from the command line

amrio-seajs-builder seajs module builder

analyze analyze -------

andbang-cli CLI and REPL for andbang

aneth Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

angular-project Creates a basic Angular JS Project setup with coffee script and sass with Twitter Bootstrap.

anime Add/Remove/Update anime to

another build tool for seajs.

another-circuit-breaker An implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern in Node.js, now with plugin support!

another-livereload Another LiveReload Server in Node.js Version

ansi-moedict draw moedict-style ansi-art in your terminal

anvil-cli Anvil client for node

anvil.js an extensible build system

apeman Meta web application frame work.

api-copilot > Write testing or data population scenarios for your APIs.

apiary-blueprint-parser Apiary blueprint parser

apic.js REST API JavaScript Client Generator

apidox Generate node.js module API markdown with dox

apify An API documentation generator

apigee-uploader Upload data to Apigee Storage

apimocker Simple HTTP server that returns mock service API responses to your front end.

apm Alipay package manager, a alipay suite of tools base on spm.

apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

apollo-nico 对 nico 及 apollo-theme 的封装,方便跨平台使用

appchef Mozilla AppMaker command-line tool.

appcloud A lightweight web server to developer your App Cloud apps against, along with scaffolding to generate your apps.

appd ERROR: No file found!

appdotcouch Export global stream to CouchDB

appjsbundle appjsbundle makes OSX .app bundles from AppJS packages

appstackr browser app packager - package your browser clients in simple and centralized way and build them for CDN deployment

aproof Proof of Assets (PoL) library and CLI

apta web development framework for node.js, insanely fast, flexible, and simple

argod Command line utility for running argo proxies

ariadne A node.js frontend wrapper for Thrift backends.

arialinter AriaLinter provides a simple accesibility linter for HTML documents.

armada node-armada ===========

arso Weather from ARSO

artificer Markdown to html site generator.

artisan Opinionated Module Boilerplate Generator for Node.js

asana-cli Command-line interface to Asana (

ash Ash is a distributed presentation framework for the bohemian web developer.

ashleshajs AshleshaJS is a framework to build high performance and maintainable single page web applications. It uses ExpressJS and YUI3 as foundation. It is tightly coupled with Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS framework but you can use any other framework as well.

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

assemblejs A fairly light AMD-style boilerplate for rapid development, using RequireJS, SASS, Backbone, and Handlebars

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

assenius compress pngs and generate css sprites

asset-pipeline Runtime assets builder for Express 3

asset-smasher Asset pre-processor, merger, and compressor.

assetr Assetr - Node CLI helper to build our assets (css, js, less)

assets-include Include assets into your views with ease (assets-packager compatible).

assets-packager Very fast assets pipeline - combines power of async, uglify-js, clean-css, enhance-css and couple other tools to make your assets production-ready

asseturls Manage cachebusting asset URLs in node

assp Assphalt your connection!

asteroid Asteroid

astor Astor is a command line development tool for token-based authentication.

asyncscript AsyncScript Programming Language

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