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ateam Appcelerator Team Workflow Tools

atom-nico 对 nico 及 atom-theme 的封装,方便跨平台使用

atomify-cli A CLI for Atomify

atsaty A tweet says a thousand yeps

au ActiveUser developer SDK

authrc authrc implementation for Node.js

autocmdr autocmdr

autod auto generate dependencies

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

autoflow-graphviz autoflow-graphviz is a plugin for autoflow, the flow control rules engine, which allows autoflow to use graphviz to generate flow diagrams for the dependencies

autoless Another .less files watcher, but this time with growl notifications

automated-screenshot-diff Automated Screenshot Diff - Continuous Safe Deployment Made Easy

autopolyfiller Precise polyfills. Like Autoprefixer, but for JavaScript polyfills

autoremote.js autoRemote node.js API

autosave A server for Chrome Devtools Autosave (

avoscloud-code AVOS Cloud Code SDK.

avoscloud-code-mock-sdk AVOSCloud Cloud Code Mock SDK.!

aws-commons A collection of small utilities to manage AWS services and actions

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

awsm-cli node-awsm-cli =============

axeman simplified git workflow

axon-rpc RPC for axon

azure-cli Windows Azure Cross Platform Command Line tool

azure-uploader Tool for multithreaded, recursive uploading and gzipping of all files inside a given directory

bace A web-based ACE editor controlled by server-side scripts.

background-imager Reads directory for images using micro media query DSL and produces CSS with responsive background-image classes

backlog-cli Backlog command line interface. (unofficial)

bad A CLI tool to execute a command concurrently for a given number of subjects.

badblog a terrible node.js blog engine with barely any features

badure Just another blogging templtes

baeredishttp bae redis http client

bagofcli A bag-of-holding containing CLI utility functions.

bagofholding An uncursed bag of various node.js utility functions.

bake-a-cake script to quickly init a coffee project. Including cakfile file

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

balance A very simple load balancer based on http-proxy. Intended for testing apps in development.

bale Let's bale up some Node

baller Organizes your configuration files

balmung Web tools for optimizing images

bamboo-api Node wrapper around Atlassian Bamboo API

bang Text snippets on the command line.

banshee A speedy tool for combining and compressing your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS and LESS source files

baproof Tool to prove how many bitcoins someone controls. Intended for use as part of the blind-solvency-proof scheme.

barb Bitcoin arbitrage bot

barkeep Serve the contents of a directory and livereload those that change.

barriertest Promises featured test framework

bas Behaviour Assertion Sheets: CSS-like declarative syntax for client-side integration testing and quality assurance.

base12 app platform for node.js, built on express 3

bashcoin Bitcoin market stats from the command line.

bashpack packs a nodejs project into a single bash file

basin Deploy sites to Amazon S3

bazinga Awesome static web server

bbtoofx Conversor de extrato txt de cartão de crédito do BB em ofx

beauty-queen A cli tool for beautifying your codes

bedecked Turn markdown files into html presentations you can share from dropbox

beez The framework for mobile browser faster development.

beez-confbuilder Build configuration files for beez project template.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

beez-optim beez-optim makes specify images optimize automatically in build process.

bemdecl2blocks A simple tool for creating bem blocks from declarations (bemdecl.js)

benbria-build This is a tool for building projects using [Ninja]( It assumes your project follows a certain layout.

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

benchget Simple Get benchmark command line similar to Apache Bench

benchitjs BenchItjs helps you to bench anything

benchmarx HTTP-based side-by-side benchmark framework

betty betty is a command line utility for uploading static websites to s3.

beyo Beyo Application framework.

bf2js brainf*ck to javascript compiler

bff Browserify Friend - it's as if browserify was built into the browser.

bfg Big Friendly Gateway creates a read and write stream to various cloud storage providers

big-executable inline a modules dependencies to reduce startup IO

bigfile Turn a mapping of modules into a browser suitable package

bintray CLI and Node.js client for Bintray

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bitc-configurator BITC computer configuration utility

bitcore Bitcoin Library

black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.

blade Blade - HTML Template Compiler, inspired by Jade & Haml

blessed-life A simple game of life simulation using the blessed node module.

blip Become just another blip on the radar

blode A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll.

blogger2ghost Blogspot JSON migrator plugin for Ghost

blproof Blind liability proof tool

bodhi Bodhi5 Cli Tools

bogart Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-cors Bogart (written by Nathan Stott) now has CORS - however, the npm entry for Bogart has not been updated to reflect this. Once Nathan publishes the latest version of Bogart to npm, this package will no longer be necessary.

bogart-edge Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-gen A suite of Rails-style generators for the awesome Bogart framework. Work in progress.

bogart-server JSGI Server for Node.JS

bogen Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

boilerplate Generic, highly customizeable application generator

boilerplate-generator Boilerplate generator

bonkers A distributed load test framework using Amazon EC2 instances

bookmaker Create books from a folder of markdown files

boombox-audiosprite boombox-audiosprite is audio sprite generator that has compatibility with boombox.js.

boomcatch Standalone beacon server for boomerang.

boots twitter bootstrap cli

bootstrap Bootstrap your node app with some great defaults

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