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assetstream Stream and transform your browser assets.

async-dnsjack A simple DNS proxy that lets you intercept domains and route them to whatever IP you decide

async-ejs ejs with the ability to add asynchronous functions

bark A collection of web rendering functions

buffoon buffer streams into strings, buffers, json or queries

coo co based flow control

crossmania the node module for doing cross-domain CRUD with the browser

in-d-gestion Library for ingestion of data from various vendor-specific sources into the platform for diabetes data

jilo jilo agent and cli

json-sockets a socket optimized for cross-domain use for the web and node

jsonize a module for creating JSON apis

lifee A dynamic web server. Never hit refresh again

message-sockets a message socket

mongoose-format A Mongoose plugin that enables you to produce formatted output of your instantiated models.

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

p2p-hub A simple hub for communicating p2p between processes or machines

polo a zero configuration discovery service written completely in Javascript client library client library **a query based client/server publish subscribe protocol built on node.js.**

redis.pubsub A Redis Publish-Subscribe wrapper, with message queries

rex rex is browserside commonjs

rex-cli rex-cli is the cli equivivalent of rex

rexify rexify is the cli equivivalent of rex

servefile File server helper

tidepool-mmcsv-carelink-data Scrape Carelink and Convert stream of carelink csv to text

websock a complete websockets implementation

xsockets a socket optimized for cross-domain use for the web and node

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