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a-wild-version-appears sometimes versions happen and you want to alert your users

abdero-fetcher fetch mails from imap, and stream them

acoustid Get music metadata from AcoustID Web Service

altcaps Alternating caps, like a myspace teenager from 2001.

ana Ana is a wrapper for google translate's tts service.

balrog static site generator

baudio generate audio streams with functions

beamer Sync directories to S3

beardo A mustache template utility for Node.js servers/ projects.

biggie presentations without thinking

bin-init NodeOS Init Daemon

blunt-weave Trumpet Wrapper

browser-bundle-deps walk the dependency graph of a browser bundle entry file and return it as a json stream. Supports both AMD and CommonJS (node-style) modules.

browser-unpack parse a bundle generated by browser-pack

browserify browser-side require() the node way

browserify-blented browser-side require() the node way // with useful errors

browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](

bugger-daemon buggerd sources

bunt A tool for creating web components using the npm packaging system and browserify - for sweet as sweet can be re-use and encapsulation.

cacheify Wraps browserify transforms in a caching stream.

cartero An asset pipeline built on browserify.

cascadify Recursively find and concatenates styles specified in package.json.

cipherhub encrypt messages based on github ssh public keys

clone-packages clone packages from one repo to another

code-music-studio design musical algorithms

collect-stream Collect a readable stream's output and errors

component-install Simple programmatic, asynchronous installation of a component

connect-combo connect middleware for assets combo.

css-combine A module that combines CSS files by resolving @import directives.

csv2geojson convert CSV files to GeoJSON

csv2html CSV to HTML command line utility

cypher-feed content-addressable distributed publishing

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

denver Create layers of ENV variables saved to etcd and deploy docker containers using them

dextromethorphan microblogging with leveldb

dictaphone A simple, single-host caching proxy

diff-ini Load two INI files and return their differences

digger-client Supplychain for resolving digger contracts

diphenhydramine Some state of drowsiness is required to use this module

docker-required Personalize Dockerfiles

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

dream-cli The conversion dream store engine command line interface

dream-engine-cli The conversion dream store engine command line interface

dulcimer An ORM for keystores

echtzeit A library-agnostic enterprise fork of the pub/sub toolset Faye

eight-track Record and playback HTTP requests

email-ricochet email relay

enamdict Look up Romaji names and correct surname/given name usage.

engine-munger An engine munger for express apps.

exercise-bike A CLI wrapper around handlebars

exposed Middleware to serve strings and buffers

externalize Create external Browserify bundles for lazy asynchronous loading

faye Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

ffmetadata Read and write media metadata using ffmpeg

file-fun Wrap functions to work with files

folderify Expose the content of each file in a folder as an object property.

fpcalc Calculate AcoustID audio fingerprint

futon command line futon

geocodify geocode spreadsheet files

geojson-flatten transform geojson into single-parts

geojson-numeric Makes properties of geojson features numeric.

geojson-rewind enforce winding order for geojson

geojson-summary return a text summary of what is in a geojson object

geojsonhint validate and sanity-check geojson files

geojsonify Make lines of geojson features into a valid geojson collection

geojsonio-cli a cli for

git-it Terminal app for learning Git and GitHub

github-avatar fetch the github avatar image for a user

github-nabber build docker containers from github repositories

github-store Use a github repository like the local file system it was always meant to be

github-stream Stream updates to the files in a GitHub repository.

glify a webgl compiler browserify transform

global-wrap Exposes your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

glog git push blog server

glslify command line glsl module system builder

glslify-import A transform stream for glslify that adds an `import` directive to your shaders.

goodeggs-list List GoodEggs

grunt-exorcise Move Browserify source maps to a separate file using Exorcist and Grunt

grunt-extjs-dependencies Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files.

grunt-extjs-dependencies-wombleton Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files.

grunt-localizr grunt-localizr [![Build Status](]( ==============

gs-dl Grooveshark Downloader

gulp-file-include a gulp plugin for file include

gulp-file-includer a gulp plugin for file include, based on grunt-file-include plugin.

gulp-hammerdown Gulp plugin for using hammerdown(A markdown to html generator)

gulp-optipng Lossless compression of PNG images

gulp-prefix Implementation of html-prefixer for gulp

gulp-token-replace A token replace plugin for gulp

gulp-webp Convert images to WebP

gzip-size Get the gzipped size of a string or buffer

heroku-client A wrapper for the Heroku v3 API

html-prefixer Prefix urls in <script>/<link>/<img> with a cdn URL

http-sponge an http sponge that logs request data to stdout

http-sync-win Use shelljs and execSync to get full windows compatability for http-sync

hyde A simple static site generator

hyperglue update html elements by mapping query selectors to attributes, text, and hypertext

hyperquestionable request's questionable behaviour of aggregrating the body, on top of hyperquest

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

i18next-parser Command Line tool for i18next

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