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amqp-sqs AMQP facade for SQS

andamio Simple restful api

api-client Object Oriented library for HTTP Web API clients

assetflow Asset deployment for node

big-button-factory Monitor-Min Demo App

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

brewie Run mocha tests using Selenium.

bucky-server Server to collect stats from the client

citizenmedianotary Citizen Media Notary server.

clouddb Cloud database.

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

config-monitor Config Monitor

context-config context-config-node ===================

converjon An on-the-fly image conversion service

couchdump dumps couchdb databases to disk (aka make backups)

crazytrain network rail arrival & departure server using

cron-as-a-service Remote cron service

emailscrubber Email Address scrubbing utility

envify-config Browserify transform for replacing process.env variables with the config module settings.

flatpack Simple mapping library for CouchDB

frontfax Development environment for frontend developers at Fairfax Media.

fuzz RabbitMQ controller

hsstatic Node bindings for the Hubspot Static Daemon

http-retry HTTP retry module

intents Intents for node-based systems.

json-utilities json-utilities

kickq Kick jobs out the door. Quickly. A job queue for node

koop-github A github wrapper for koop

mime-magic Proper MIME type detection library that wraps the libmagic functionality

monitor Runtime monitoring for node.js applications

monitor-dashboard Dashboard UI for node monitor

monitor-min Runtime monitoring for node.js applications

nimo Nimon the deamon! Deamon to gather server stats, disk useage, load averages, processes, mysql stats, etc, and post frequently to a server monitoring tool!

node-envify Bind configuration to process.env for easy manipulation of modules that use process.env for configuration. Simplifies or execution line in automated builds.

node-ovh-ip A really quickly written UI to manage OVH Network Firewall

node-syte A port of Syte to Node.js

node-uptime Remote monitoring for HTTP applications

node-utils tz's node utils - A collection of small, simple, and useful node packages.

node-web-boilerplate the default node web boilerplate using express and cluster module

notarise notarize.js - British spelling edition.

notarize Verified Citizen Media

nrunner Lightweight web container for NReports

openbookprices-fetchers Code for getting the prices of books from various vendors

redis-convoy Redis-backed job queueing

rendr-app-template The purpose of this little app is to demonstrate one way of using Rendr to build a web app that runs on both the client and the server.

rodan API binding for the HubSpot Rodan monitoring app

schablone Schablone =========

screenshot-as-a-service Website screenshot service powered by node.js and phantomjs

simpleesb Provides basic ESB services to transfer data between applications.

smart-router a message routing system that routes messages based on their content.

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

smockron Distributed HTTP rate-limiting

steelmesh CouchDB distribution and management of Node.js applications

superposition Executing code in more than one env at a time.

tokenauthentication This module associates an authentication procedure with a token generation.

tomrdf publish rdf files and provide sparql endpoint.

trombone A framework for building single page applications on top of Backbone.js

tweet-nodejs Twitter Client for Terminal

uncaptcha reCAPTCHA helper using decaptcher

web-media-player Simple media player controlled by a web interface. Designed for Raspberry Pi.

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