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alajs nodeJs mvc framework

appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.

argumenta Social argument collaboration for the web.

asimov-deploy-ui Web UI For Assimov Deploy (distributed deploy system)

asq Synchronous slideshow mixed with a classroom clicker.

authstarter Add mongodb based authentication to an express web app with three lines of code

betterlife Life Better Goal ====

blogbyvista ERROR: No file found!

caboose Rails-ish MVC Framework in Coffeescript

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

cews Crud Express Web Server that has a bunch of dependencies set up already

choko High performance and high level web application framework.

cipolla NodeJS stack for resilient web-apps (with forever-clusters-connect-urlrouter-domains-httboom)

clayjs clayjs mvc framework

coffeescript-passport-boilerplate A demo app written in coffeescript, run on nodejs illustrating the use of passport in express, jade and mongoose environment

d-auth Saron Console plugin

derby-auth Provides authentication for DerbyJS projects

derby-auth2 Provides authentication for DerbyJS projects

derby-passport Provides authentication for DerbyJS projects

duffel-auth Provides user management and the ability to protect resources with permission based access control

duffel-bootstrap Provides a convenient bootstrapper for a typical website

duffel-token Provides model that may be used to store a value alongside an expireable, crypt-random token that could be used as the key for a password-reset URL

express-flash Flash Messages for your Express Application

fd-server a simple, efficient, convenient RIA development environment

flash-express-hbs Flash message middleware for Express 3 and Handlebars.

flirty-host For when you need to be safe... but not _too_ safe!

gcs-console Groonga CloudSearch Console

grunt-barista Barista, the development server and test engine used in conjuction with generator-barista as part of a yeoman (yo) workflow.

habithings HabiThings

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

ideacave backbone app to store ideas

igloo Igloo is a minimal app boilerplate built with Express.

ipadmin for easy admin area setup

jingo A nodejs based wiki engine (sort of Gollum port)

kabam-kernel KabamKernel for building express.js applications with plugins

ken Simple web application framework

keystone Web Application Framework and Admin GUI / Content Management System built on Express.js and Mongoose

less-mixin 通过给less提供一个友好的操作界面,使非技术人员也能生成良好的css代码

libby Strekmann express setup

lightblog A light blog program support markdown

live Everything in this folder should be generic.

maglev Preconfigured simple NodeJS framework

mazagran Opinionated node.js framework

meaner MEANER - A Modern Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Reacharged.

megaice Private one

mixinforcss 通过给less提供一个友好的操作界面,使非技术人员也能生成良好的css代码

mongoose-manager A generic admin interface for node.js applications that use mongoose. Warning: Development still in progress.

nando Pre configured http module.

node-uptime Remote monitoring for HTTP applications

nwitter A twitter demo app in nodejs

oils Oils js framework built on top of Express.

pelican YouTube web server with real-time queue. Ideal as a music server in your workplace.

phant-manager-http express web based manager for phant

pickuploot Simple express-based image uploader with simple github auth.

platforms A platform management framework for Node.js. Platforms can be servers, apps, and sites.

ponyfoo-web Miniature `express` opinion-set

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and

sensebase SenseBase basis for workgroup annotation.

shoes **Shoes** helps you get a node.js app up and running quickly.

soultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.

sql2mongodb sql2mongodb (aka Priceless), MS SQL Server to MongoDB Export Tool

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

studynotes The website. AP Notes & College Essays. AP US History Notes.

systemapp A sleek and smart infrastructure mapping and monitoring tool by Zalando.

ticketman A simple pull-based job/ticket system contians a centeral ticket dispatcher and distributed workers. This system is written in NodeJS, runing on MongoDB

tock Distributed cron-style job system that has many features missing from cron

ultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.

umbrella9 Multi-project wrapper for local installations of Cloud9 IDE

webroot Webroot Http Server

wtmpl Basic express/websocket website template featuring session management with MongoDB and jade templates.

yae * YAE

zero-blog A beautiful & useful blog system using Node.js.

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