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alpha-one ideas about recurring tasks in Web- and Backend-Application building

angular-shrub <h2>Hi! ^_^ <img class="foobar" src="" /></h2>

api-builder Build JSON API's in Node

asq Synchronous slideshow mixed with a classroom clicker.

atom A collection of decoupled components for rapid web development

awesome awesome framework

baboon Baboon Web Toolkit, modular fullstack web application framework for single-page realtime apps.

bity A site like MilkandCookies in Node.js

bongtalk BongTalk - Web chat server

chess-game Chess game with node.js,, redis and mongodb

cipolla NodeJS stack for resilient web-apps (with forever-clusters-connect-urlrouter-domains-httboom)

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

clever-auth Clevertech Authentication Module

clever-auth-google CleverStack authentication with Google services

codetube decentralized git hosting

connect-heroku-redis A heroku Redis session store wrapper for connect-redis.

connect-multi-redis Manages multiple redis hosts for sessions

connect-redis-autoconfig Auto configuring redis session storage for connect/express/kraken

connect-session-store connect session store

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

cs ES6-based framework for Node.js node.js realtime signaling server

derby-starter A generic server for a simple Derby app

designo Realtime Twitter client exploiting Node.js+Websockets+HTML5

digger-serve A www server for a digger web application aims to provide a solution for distributing data via a fault tolerant protocol such as bittorrent to closed circuit systems that operates in extreme conditions around the globe.

docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

elipsis a web based vault for your passwords.

emerald real-time C.I written in node.js by in unstable alpha

et effortlessness, et al. is a realtime API server.

express-autoload Express autoload

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-login learn yourself an express login with connect-store using redis

express-restful-auth express-restful-auth -- restful authentication system for express ==============================

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS


gong Gong REST framework based on Express and Connect.

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

hatchjs Hatch.js is CMS platform with social features. This package is an Express application which can be extended with additional modules.

heroku-redis-flexi A heroku Redis session store wrapper for connect-redis.

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

igloo Igloo is a minimal app boilerplate built with Express.

iodocs Live API Documentation and Browsing The open-source data visualization framework

kabam-kernel KabamKernel for building express.js applications with plugins

ken Simple web application framework

libby Strekmann express setup

live Everything in this folder should be generic.

m1node A thin layer of utils for working with node.js, connect, express, CouchDB and friends

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

microbe Hooks up express js,, and redis. Requires Redis server. Exposes method to add api's

nails-web Nails Web

nitrous Rapid web development framework created for and used by

node-activities-boilerplate A Real-time boilerplate Activity Stream Engine with support for photo manipulations

nodeoauth2 Facebook and Google auth module for NodeJS

nodize Nodize is a CMS (Content Management System) for Node.js, written in CoffeeScript.

nohm-backend a web interface for nohm database management

oauth2server OAuth 2.0 Server

opfplatform The celebrated OPF Platform for buidling enterprise Private App Stores

opfserver Opf Server Controllers and Libs

palsu-app Palsu meeting tool --

pretorian find a good way to manage the config meybe send a config instance at initialization alternativly use a .setConfig method -_-

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

realsocket An awesome real time application that shows how to set up a realsocket app

reddish GUI for Redis

refuge Open-source web-based password manager

riffmint Collaboration in musical space

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and

saron-starter A generic server for a simple Derby app

sik Opinionated configuration of the MEAN stack

socket-express When realtime and stateless HTTP together, live happily ever after. HMVC framework built on top of Primus and Express.js for Node.js, inspired somehow by the simplicity of PHP Kohana framework (sorry, not another Rails clone for Node for you)

socketstream A fast, modular Node.js framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps

socketstream-wisdom A fast, modular Node.js framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps

soultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.

tailgate Serve your music collection

thywill A Node.js clustered framework for single page web applications based on asynchronous messaging.

tomato tomato

trello_baseapp Express skeleton for creating apps on top of trello.

tuer,a diary web site

tumblikes let's you download all your likes at tumblr

turboexpress A quick way to get a node.js express website running

ultimate Dependency library for `ultimate-seed`.

vision-web This module contains the source code for Advanced Express Web Application Development.

xipframe MVC Framework for Express

yolo-server Webframework that powers Heythere

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