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chabot Chabot is Web-hook receiver for ChatWork

chalice A small framework on top of CoffeeScript Backbone and Node to render apps on the client and server.

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

chem-cli html5 canvas game engine optimized for rapid development - command line interface

chess-game Chess game with node.js,, redis and mongodb

chilly A platform for multiplayer HTML5 games

cinister A tiny web framework

cipolla NodeJS stack for resilient web-apps (with forever-clusters-connect-urlrouter-domains-httboom)

cjs-vs-amd-benchmark Compare load times of CJS and AMD module systems

clam A full Web front end develop envirment.

clever-auth Clevertech Authentication Module

cliste Cliste, a NodeJS CMS

cloudpub Easy node.js cloud management tool

cmbn Generate and serve combo URLs across CDNs

cmdflow Convert multiple requests from different transports to single command interface

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

codetube decentralized git hosting

codex Static site and code documentation generator.

codo A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

coffee-script-bad Unfancy JavaScript

coffeemate the coffee creamer!

coinproxy A cli proxy tool specialized in file replacing (fork of nproxy Goddy Zhao <> (

combo-proxy 静态文件combo和代理

combo2 A simple assets combo server.

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

compy component js boilerplate js project

concussionjs-core The web app platform for the impatient hacker

config-monitor Config Monitor

connect_facebook Facebook session support for Connect

connect_json Support for parsing JSON requests and sending JSON responses in Connect

connect-ace Connect middleware for the ace editor

connect-action A simple action system for Connect

connect-akiban Connect session store for Akiban

connect-alive Connect (Node.js) middlware for checking if app is alive or not - optionally via custom condition(s).

connect-analytics Connect middleware for google analytics (uproxies req.end))

connect-architect build a connect server using architect plugins

connect-auth Middleware for Connect (node.js) for handling your authentication needs.

connect-boobst boobst (Caché DB) session store for connect

connect-bruteforce A brute force prevention middleware

connect-cache Caching system for Connect

connect-cachify-static static (simpler and faster) variant of connect-cachify middleware

connect-clientinfa Connect/Express Middleware for additional client information

connect-coffee Automatic compilation and minification for CoffeeScript under Connect

connect-conductor Conductor is highly configurable routing middleware for Connect.

connect-cookie-session Connect middleware to allow you to store your sessions directly in the client's cookie.

connect-cors CORS / XHR2 support for Node.JS's Connect

connect-couchdb CouchDB session store for Connect

connect-couchdb-queue CouchDB session store for Connect, using queue and changesets to avoid race conditions

connect-csrf-lite CSRF validation middleware for Connect/Express

connect-csv Connect middleware for accepting text/csv data type

connect-cube-emitter Emit requests as Cube events

connect-devcaps Devcaps implementation built for express and connect

connect-dirty A session store for node-dirty and connect/express.

connect-docco docco middleware for connect. Mix it with and watch to get fancy automatic updates.

connect-dojo Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit

connect-dynamodb DynamoDB session store for Connect

connect-dynamodb-persistent-session DynamoDB session store for Connect

connect-facebook Facebook cookie parser middleware for Connect

connect-firebase Firebase session store for Connect

connect-fonts-example super simple example of connect-fonts at work, see related blog post on

connect-geoip Connect middleware to query client geolocation from geoip data

connect-guard Connect middleware that short circuits request handling if it can send a 304 Not Modified response. Intended to be used with reverse proxies like Varnish.

connect-gzip Gzip middleware for Connect. Based on implementation in Connect 0.5.9. Original source:

connect-gzip-static gzip static middleware for connect - serves compressed files if they exist, falls through to connect-static if they don't

connect-identity Long-lasting identity for connect apps

connect-imager Connect middleware for resize images

connect-include Adds SSI-style include functionality to connect/grunt

connect-index Connect middleware providing automatic directory listings.

connect-injector A middleware to inject content into any HTTP response.

connect-jsonp jsonp middleware for connect

connect-kyoto kyoto-tycoon session store for connect

connect-leveldb This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

connect-leveldb2 This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

connect-load-balance Load balance system for Connect

connect-loggly loggly logging middleware for connect

connect-ltsv-logger ltsv formated access logger for connect based application

connect-mongodb mongodb session store for connect

connect-mongoose-session mongodb session store for connect and mongoose

connect-mongoose-sessionstore session store for connect and mongoose

connect-mongoskin Connect's durable sessions middleware backed by MongoSkin

connect-mounter Similar to connect-vhoster, but mounts apps to a resource rather than a subdomain.

connect-multipart-gridform MongoDB GridFS backed multipart middleware

connect-ntp Connect Middleware for NTP like algorithm

connect-oauth Connect framework middleware implementing an OAuth 1.0a provider

connect-oembed oEmbed provider middleware for Node.js Connect and Express

connect-opml Connect middleware OPML body parser

connect-parameter-router Query and body parameter based routing for connect

connect-pg Connect storage using PostgreSQL.

connect-pgp Connect middleware to cryptographically sign HTTP responses.

connect-phonegap Connect middleware to serve a PhoneGap app.

connect-redirect Connect middleware allows you to configure redirects

connect-redis-crypto Redis session store for Connect with encryption support

connect-regstatic Connect middleware for static files

connect-replace connect middleware that replaces tags in response for files matching a pattern

connect-rest Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

connect-security Authentication and authorization middleware for Connect.

connect-session Make connect session more convinient for REST API

connect-session-ejdb EJDB session store for connect middleware

connect-session-file File Session Store for Connect Middleware

connect-session-store connect session store

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