Packages depending on connect

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connect-sessionvoc SessionVOC session store for the connect framework

connect-spawn Child process middleware for connect.

connect-spdy SPDY-ized connect server.

connect-static-transform A connect middleware which allows transformation of static files before serving them.

connect-static2x Middleware for connect which works the same as static() except for support for dynamic retina and resized images based on the filename of a jpeg or png.

connect-sts Middleware to add Strict-Transport-Security header

connect-throttle Connect throttling middleware

connect-typed-body Connect middleware to convert parameter values to native types

connect-wwwhisper A middleware to authenticate and authorize requests via wwwhisper auth backend.

converjon An on-the-fly image conversion service

convoy Pluggable, package-aware asset pipeline for node

cordova-js Cordova JavaScript: a unified JavaScript layer for the Cordova suite of projects enabling cross-platform native mobile development of applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

core-monitor Core Components

couch-session connect.js session store for couchdb

couchapp Utilities for building CouchDB applications.

couchapp-util Utilities for building CouchDB applications.

couple Couple is an event based collaboration of NodeJS, Express, Socket.IO, Jade and Stylus

coverage-collector A simple server for collecting code coverage objects

crafity-everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps improved by Crafity

crafity-gzip Gzip middleware for Connect. Forked from connect-gzip and based on implementation in Connect 0.5.9. Original source:

cronbackup Nuxeo Content Management System cron backup application

cssspitter Templating engine for CSS based on width and height of the window, used as a Connect/Express Middleware.


custom-vimeo-site a simple web site that uses the Vimeo API to create a custom Vimeo home page

dalek-browser-firefox Firefox browser binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-firefox-canary Firefox browser binding for DalekJS

damonbot A simple helpful Robot for your Company

dash RESTless Evented JavaScript node.js realtime signaling server

deck-node A web application framework for Node. Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate

deuce Deuce is a developer tool for building serverless web applications with YUI.

dev-server dev-server serve static files and directories for you.

devcomp-portal DeveloperCompanion Portal System

devserver Simple local development server

dialect-http Backend to manage your dialect translations

dirvhost `dirvhost` is a simple command-line utility that serves all subdirectories of a selected directory as separate virtual hosts. Host names are dir names with `.local` appended. Default port is 4000.

distra A vhost proxy doodad thing. aims to provide a solution for distributing data via a fault tolerant protocol such as bittorrent to closed circuit systems that operates in extreme conditions around the globe.

ditto Ditto is a development utility that synchronizes changes across any browser you have running. It's perfect for testing Websites for cross-browser, cross-mobile compatibility.

division.js Central JS logic management module

dk-assets Asset Manager for the Drumkit Framework

dmnode dmnode-mvc a framework

dmx DMX library and webservice

dnet-index-proxy dnet-index thrift proxy

dnode-session Expose your connect/express sessions to dnode

docpad-helper Helper server for [DocPad](, used for tracking events and performing newsletter subscriptions.

docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

docrouter Documented Connect/Express Router. Send OPTIONS to see what kind of operations a Connect/Express server supports.

dolly Apple Push Notification service with Rodeo. jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

dpm 安装node_modules npm install ./

dreadnot Dreadnot is a 'one click' deploy tool written in [Node.js](

drop-me-the-file utils allowing others to send you files

dropshare A / clone for your private servers

dublog 基于Node.js的静态博客程序

dumbwaiter Simple static asset server for local directories

dweb A debugging web server that auto-reloads pages on local modifications.

dxp DXP Web端

easy-oauth Easy and simple oauth for your Express (node) website

easycache 多功能的cache模块

easynotify Notify Client

easyweb codekit of command line.

edp-webserver Package for edp webserver.

endtable An experimental ORM for CouchDB.

entropy Entropy Web App system

envented Evented node.js server framework

ep_frontend_community A closed pad system, with no public pads. The pad system is aranged in groups, evry pad is assigned to a group, just as users. Users can edit any pad of their groups and also create new group pads. This is also a frontend to manage users and groups.

ep_user_pad_frontend With the user_pad plugin it's possible to create password saved pads in groups. It's a User-Management System. It allows User to register, authenticate, to create groups and to create pads in groups. This package is the frontend part

escrito Collaborative writing with Markdown & Textile

et effortlessness, et al.

etagify Adds ETag headers to cachable, but non-static content.

everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

everyauth-cn expressjs oauth middleware for chinese sns sites.

everyauth-express3 Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express 3.x apps

everyauth-goellan Everyauth forked with working github authentication

everyauth-latest Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

example-data-mining-node-jsdom A simple demonstration of how to scrape the web with NodeJS and jsdom.

express-autoload Express autoload

express-dialect Pluggable express translation tool.

express-droonga A framework for building scalable realtime web API services for Express

express-jam Respects `NODE_ENV` environment parameter of Express, it returns a single catalog with all dependencies in production, but each dependency in its own file in development mode. Development mode does not need server restart if dependencies change.

express-mvc-bootstrap Express MVC Application Accelerator

express-persona Mozilla Persona authentication for your Express application

express-regexp-router Express' built-in regexp router

express-session-mongo-russp MongoDB Session Store for ExpressJS

express-simplemongodbview Simple MongoDB Collection Viewer and CSV Export express 3 framework with

expressive-router expressive-router =================

expressjsmvc An Express.js application organized in an MVC way with extra helpers and utilities

exspresso A CoffeeScript Web Framework

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

fake-http-server fake-http-api-server ============

farmjs A node.js server farm with everything you ever dreamed of

fashionista Apply themes to connect/express apps using the Stylus port of Zurb Foundation themes

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

fenrir Scene editor for lokijs game engine.

feral Express + Zombie caching content server.

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