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feral Express + Zombie caching content server.

fh-nodeapp-testing FeedHenry Node Application

fieldsio JSON CMS

final-db-object-admin Admin panel for FinalDBObject

fire-engine 2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine

firedup A node.js implementation of firebase based on levelup

fizzle A local, web-based tile map editor for Phaser.

flambe Rapidly cook up games for HTML5 and Flash.

flask-router Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

flatiron-passport Passport.js integration into Flatiron web framework.

flinger Flinger flings logs from your browser clients back to your node servers so you can see what your users are up to.

foounit Cross environment BDD test framework

frame5 Frame5 is an attempt creating an HTML5 framework. Under the umbrella standard HTML5 a lot of technological are at play. Frame5's goal is to bring together as many of the specs as it can.

frameworkjs Javascript application framework based on control (

freeze Server static files to localhost:3000

frontail tail -F output in browser

froyo A simple, micro-framework for Node.js.

fs-session A Nodejs module to store connect session data to disk.

full-meta-jacket The 42nd best static site generator for node.js

gabby A beautifully simple static site generator.

galette Encrypted cookies for session store, credential backup and single sign-on

gamina Composition architecture, cross platform, targeting mobile first, for node, javascript (w/ actionscript fall back) to help complete projects

garret [![Stories in Ready](]( # Garret

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

gh-hook respond to github post-recieve hooks

ghfm Github Flavored Markdown Previewer

giles a next-gen language watcher/compiler for pre-processed languages

giraffe-web Giraffe dashboard for Graphite wrapped in a webserver

gitcdn Git push CDN

glacier Node CI server to cool down those tests.

glutenfree A profiler/loganalyzer for nginx/Cetrea Aw.

goofy Process Manager

goorm Cloud based Integrated Development Enviroment.

gracie On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

graphsvc A graph web service development framework for node.js and neo4j.

grok do you grok it?

groundcrew view handler/template abstraction layer for connect

groundhog A tool to record and playback API responses to allow for predictable automated testing.

grunt-autocreationtests Create tests from js-files for usage in requirejs projects

grunt-coffeepot A drop-in replacement for the default Grunt server. It dynamically serves coffee files as js

grunt-connect Run a connect server, indefinitely. Start a connect web server with support, based on grunt-contrib-connect

grunt-contrib-connect Start a connect web server.

grunt-contrib-testem Testem programmatic runner enhanced with Mincer preprocessing

grunt-dpm #安装 npm install

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

grunt-express-middleware The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-fu Grunt tasks for killer developers

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-runner Grunt task for running Jasmine specs

grunt-mocha-runner Serve a mocha runner page with the source and spec script paths configured in your Gruntfile

grunt-patternprimer Jeremy Keiths pattern primer on steroids

grunt-peon-gui Web interface for running Grunt tasks

grunt-reload A grunt task that enables live reloading of updated watch files in the browser.

grunt-sencha-dependencies A Grunt.js plugin which will figure out the order of Ext classes your Ext.application uses so the list can be passed on to further commands like concat, jshint, etc

grunt-sencha-zordercompress Compress compile sencha by order Loaded javascript files!

grunt-serve Starts a http server that can be called to run tasks

grunt-testflow UI Web testing with user flows

grunt-todo-server Extract TODOs from source files and display them using a web server.

grunt-utils Utility grunt tasks

grunt-webpack-server Fire up a webpack dev server with Grunt.

gulp-connect Gulp plugin to run a webserver (with LiveReload)

gulp-connect-multi A fork of gulp-connect with multiple servers support

gulp-ondemand-server Gulp plugin that runs a local server that executes tasks when a page is requested, not when the file changes

gulp-serve Serve your assets

hamerkop Static site generator

handlebars-server handlebar templating service

harp Static web server with built in preprocessing

harp-from-the-future Zeke's fork of harp with support for browserify and github-based project templates

healthety Realtime monitoring framework.

helium Engine for Helium system

hello-world-server Super simple node.js server which listens on process.env["PORT"] and responds to all requests with "hello world\n"

helpful Helpful functions for Express

hem stiches CommonJS, and ties up other lose ends of web-app development.

honeycomb Plugins容器

hotcode File monitor script for local development.

http-api-proxy A reverse proxy designed for use with rate limited APIs.

http-logger Log http requests and view them with a pretty browser-based UI.

http-route HTTP request routing using a nestable functional style

http-share Share a directory over http with one command

httpbug DUMMY ===

httpd Small http server useful for development

httpmock An framework for stubbing out third-party network dependencies

hubabuba A client library to make it easier to use the pubsubhubbub protocol 0.4

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

icecream rapid web framework for nodejs

ichabod A test harness for writing client side js tests and automating test runs.

ideamark A simple nodejs document store for ideas, concepts, documentation supporting markdown

iframely oEmbed/2 gateway endpoint. Get embed data for various http links through one self-hosted API

impact-dev-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server for ImpactJS

infocollector Information Collector

infrajs Server-side infrajs web-framework. A professional frontend toolkit.

ingen An event driven, fully customizable, static site generator for node.

instagram-realtime Event-driven, Object-oriented Instagram API Wrapper

installer template vm

instant-server instant development server with live-reload support

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