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quill A realtime git backed blogging engine for node.js

scarab Framework for building API-driven apps using MVC conventions

schoolyard-recess an application framework for Card-Catalog

scriptinity Scripting engine and IDE for Sitefinity CMS

seal-framework seal-framework ==============

shellyjs Synchonous and Asynchronous API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP

sky A markdown static site generator.

slidonoscopy Create html multimedia slideshows and event calendars

splink-smvc Node.JS Server MVC(ish) Framework built on Splink

splinky A lightweight Node web server framework with an MVC and IoC feel

statix Static website generator. Template Engine agnostic

still A static site generator built with node.js

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

styleguidejs Generate styleguide from your css

super-grass A node.js monitoring tool supporting apis, redis, mongodb and rabbitmq.

tank tank.js, MVC

template-html-loader Parse templates to html - loader for webpack

testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

testem-fork-no-auto-frameworks Fork of Test'em 'scripts with no Automatic Framework Hooks

thermopi nano-server for temperature readings on a raspberry pi

tmd a tool for templating your markdown files

tock Distributed cron-style job system that has many features missing from cron

tptag Two-Player Text Adventure Game Framework

turboexpress A quick way to get a node.js express website running

urlship-bees urlship-bees ============

venus Execution environment for JavaScript unit testing

views Views registry and rendering

viperfish Minimalist Node/Github Database-less Blogging System

vision-web This module contains the source code for Advanced Express Web Application Development.

vmarket The nodejs client for VMarket

was_framework Micro framework used in the WAS course @UVersailles

web-media-player Simple media player controlled by a web interface. Designed for Raspberry Pi.

windfall An inheritance based CMS

wukong-templates A wukong plugin to render files with templates.

xipframe MVC Framework for Express

yolo-server Webframework that powers Heythere

zoopinator Static site generator

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