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america-depressed non pci compliant cc app

ashleshajs AshleshaJS is a framework to build high performance and maintainable single page web applications. It uses ExpressJS and YUI3 as foundation. It is tightly coupled with Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS framework but you can use any other framework as well.

backbone-cradle Backbone.js sync for CouchDB using Cradle

basket Couchdb layer with query like support.

bruno_hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

carcass-couch (Node.js) A simple wrap of cradle plus some stream APIs, in Carcass style.

channel-server buddycloud channels service for XMPP

citizenmedianotary Citizen Media Notary server.

codetube decentralized git hosting

collagen-couchdb CouchDB back-end storage for Collagen.js models.

connect-couchdb-queue CouchDB session store for Connect, using queue and changesets to avoid race conditions

connect-cradle Cradle (CouchDB) session store for Connect

couch-ar active record for CouchDB

couch-js-devkit Tools to ease the deployment of npm modules and JS code in general into CouchDB

couch-profile Store profile information in couchdb

couch-session connect.js session store for couchdb

couchcmd Couch commandline

couchdb-update-views Keep couchdb views up to date

couchdb-utils CouchDB utils

coucherpush easy bulk code deploys to CouchDB

couchmark Wraps couchdb's `follow` to restart at the latest unhandled change.

couchqueue A Node.js queueing system for CouchDB to make queues out of individual CouchDB databases.

couchutil Utility for cradle

couth Refined Relaxation

cozy-data-system Data-layer between cozy applications and persistence systems

cradle_security Add users, roles and authorization creation commands to Cradle module

cradle-init sets up cradle/couch nicely

cradle-nconf Setup a basic cradle connection using the global nconf object

cradle-url connect to a CouchDB using a single URL

curse Curse is a blogging engine for node.js

database-cleaner Database Cleaner for node.js

dirtkey A dirty and cradle inspired fast key value store for CouchDB.

dk-couchdb CouchDB Plugin for the Drumkit Framework

docparse-dumpinvoices takes a list of couchdb invoice ids and exports the data contained within those invoices to an Excel spreadsheet

docparse-find-bill Find a docparse bill in the database with given parameters

docparse-scraped-add Add scraped data to the docparse database

docparse-supplier-nga 'Handle scraped data from the Ngrid Gas website as well as the ocr text from scanned Ngrid Gas bills. Ngrid Gas uses the *supplier_code* **NGA** in the Docparse system'

fielddb-auth Authentication web services for FieldDB.

footrest Lightweight CouchDB ODM written in CoffeeScript

geocode a geocoder with cache

goblin Pure javascript content management system designed to serve static pages in the cloud.

grave Version tracking for couchdb views with cradle

hubot-goal-tracker A hubot script that lets you create and track your goals

i18next.couchdb ERROR: No file found!

knid Quickly post things to couchdb

LazyBoy A object document mapper for couchdb

mixdown-config-couchdb Mixdown service config provider for couchdb.

nmc2couch Scrapes Namecoin into CouchDB, fairly hackish at the moment.

node-document-storage-couchdb Storage adapter `couchdb` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-extjs-express ExtJS module for Node and ExpressJS

node-webapp A base webapp framework using jade, express, cradle and CouchDB.

nodejs-intro My introduction presentation to node.js along with sample code at various stages of building a simple RESTful web service with journey, cradle, winston, optimist, and http-console.

notarise notarize.js - British spelling edition.

notarize Verified Citizen Media

npm-monitor Listens for changes to packages on npm. Includes test mock.

npm-postgres-mashup npm-postgres-mashup does a one-time replication of most of npm's data to postgres

orderingjs A simple ordering system, to plug in with an ecommerce system...

parse-server Server boilerplate for supplier specific parsing both scraped and raw

pdfer-api api server for the pdfer service

pdfer-job-collector Collect results of pdfer worker jobs

pdfer-jobs Job processing for the pdfer service

polyclay-couch couch persistence adapter for polyclay, the schema-enforcing document mapper

punch-couchdb-content-handler A custom Punch content handler to fetch data from CouchDB.

resource-couchdb adds couchdb persistence

resourceful A storage agnostic resource-oriented ODM for building prototypical models with validation and sanitization.

resourcer resource-oriented object-relational mapper for document databases

sc2-unit-api starcraft 2 unit api exposed via couchdb

scraped-parse Parsed data fetched by docparse scrapers

settee Personal data layer for couchdb

testbed continuious integration for node

thermopi nano-server for temperature readings on a raspberry pi

trackable A simple, modular node.js module for distributed app usage tracking.

translator-couch CouchDB schema for Magomogo/translator-utils, Magomogo/translator, and ikr/translator-node

wallaby-blog CouchDB-based blog engine for nodejs

wheelhouse-couch A wheelhouse library to use couchdb as a database while useing backbone on ther server.

winston-couchdb A CouchDB transport for Winston

xpm Cross-platform package manager

yolo-server Webframework that powers Heythere

yui-couchdb YUI ModelSync for CouchDB

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