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assp Assphalt your connection!

bagarino bagarino ======== "bagarino" _sells_ you tickets and can tell a real ticket from a fake one. Simple, fast and RESTful. Ask it for a new ticket and it'll give you. Then ask it whether a ticket is still valid or expired. Or whether it is a fake. It'll know for sure. When tickets expire simply ask bagarino for new ones.

crossweb Web framework

custodian A process watchdog and command scheduler

doa **Node.js periodic tasks monitoring tool.**

door Http proxy server with auto-reload and static file serving

dynd.js DynDNS Update Daemon

emerald real-time C.I written in node.js by in unstable alpha

frontail tail -F output in browser

git-hooks-manager hook manager for git

greppy Easy and lightweight application framework

Haraka An SMTP Server project.

init Turn your node daemon into an LSB-like init script

ircnode Simple, extensible IRC bot

jig Jenkins-IRC-Github integration.

jsreport javascript based business reporting

kennel Client+Server MVC-framework written in JavaScript

lassie A watchdog service

launchjs Launch Application Framework

logbot Simple IRC logging.

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

nac node app control and monitoring daemon based on config files (somewhat similar to procfiles)

nodast Asterisk FastAgi Proxy

node-clusterize-cli Simple CLI interface for clusterize and demonize your apps

node-httpd NodeJS Web Server Daemon

notification-center A Simple PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE http front-end implementing the W3C Server Side Event protocol.

omnode Omnode makes it possible to write entire web apps in 100% coffee

palsu-app Palsu meeting tool --

pimatic A home automation server and framework for the raspberry pi running on node.js

proton Proton is a tool for developing and running web applications.

restarter Start/stop daemon

service Make init.d scripts for node apps

sharedfolder Keeps folder shared.

shell-jobs Cron replacement in NodeJS

simple-daemon Turn your node daemon into an LSB-like init script

socket-push A highly scaleable COMET solution

stargate Remote deployment platform

thumbnaild the missing thumbnail service for amazone AWS S3

tiny-asset-pipeline tiny-asset-pipeline is a node library for compiling and serving web assets. It features dependency management for JavaScript and CSS assets, as well as Less.

ummon-server Ummon is a Node.js application for queuing, running, and monitoring tasks

versioncheck Server-side version-check module for apps

yode-server a simple command-line http server with web-framework and cms

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