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kindle-my-clippings Amazon Kindle My Clippings.txt file to JSON / html parser

lassie A watchdog service

lazy-image An image compressing/resizing http server

levellogger Levellogger is a simple console logger which respects a simple kind of level. After the level off the logger has been set, all log entries 'below' this level do not get printed to the console.

libs utilities for general NodeJS development

lumber A custom, async, extensible logging library

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

markup-server ERROR: No file found!

mayflower A simple SQL Server database migrator using Node.js and ODBC.

mbsync-watcher Watches for change in your maildir, and runs mbsync when change are found.

mediacenterjs A NodeJS based mediacenter for your browser

minni Minimalistic Command Line Todo list

mysqlutil A nice, simple, node-mysql wrapper

nell A static site generator with markdown and swig templates

node-dev Restarts your app when files are modified

node-dev-env Restarts your app when files are modified

node-oyster oyster

node-riakcs npm package for NodeJS to talk to riakCS

node-taobao Library for api

nomoque Database Centric Distributed Task Queue

nopo task-based build tool for web project

notch Notch is a command line tool and library for building, deploying and administering CouchApps with Node.js

openstack-storage Openstack Storage (Swift) client for node.js

overlog Simple logs collection and retrieval.

pdns PowerDNS CLI application

pkgcloud-cli CLI for pkgcloud

psm-traps command line trap forensic tool for BTI proNX Services Manager (psm).

psmc command line client for BTI proNX Services Manager (psm). Version 0.2.4

redo-logger A node.js logger which handles all levels on a global node.js runtime level. It also support hierarchy based level setup using namespace paths.

resource-datetime date and time helper

rpi-tool RaspberryPi tool

rs Rapidshare API in NodeJS

rumble node-powered ncurses streaming twitter client

s3-eventstore Store events in AWS S3

s3img s3img is an Amazon S3 Image Processing and Uploading Tool

simplejs2xml Simple JavaScript to XML serializer


snowdrop A utility that watches a local folder for changes and acts as files in that folder change.

steelmesh CouchDB distribution and management of Node.js applications

taobao-top Library for taobao open platform(top) api

taunt Static blog generator, based on Jekyll but minimal set of functionality.

tek-html tek library for static html

tek-web web application framework of tek

template-engine Engine that renders templates of any kind

test-data-printer 日本語のそれっぽいテストデータを生成します。

thywill A Node.js clustered framework for single page web applications based on asynchronous messaging.

timepouch A simple command-line time tracker, inspired by timetrap and built on PouchDB so its database is syncable.

timestamper A tiny tool that adds timestamp prefix to each piped line.

tlddoc-util A command line tool that generates pretty html documentation from java tld files

totoro-log Totoro logging library for node.js.

totoro-logger Totoro logging library for node.js.

tracer A powerful and customizable logging library for node.js. support color console with timestamp, line number, method name, file name and call stack. you can set transport to file, stream, database(ex: mongodb and clouddb, simpledb). keywords: log, logger, t

velcro A simple flat-file blogging platform that uses markdown and jade

ws.js WS-* implementation for node

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