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10er10 10er10 is an HTML5 audio jukebox. It works on Firefox 4+ and Chromium/Chrome.

ab A benchmark tool.

access-token Small OAuth2 access token helper.

ace-sdk-js Aliyun ACE SDK for Javascript

adb-cmd wrapper for adb commands

adbkit A pure Node.js client for the Android Debug Bridge.

adbkit-apkreader Extracts information from APK files.

adhoq Experimental website framework

advtxt An engine for text-based adventure games.

advtxt-db-mongo A MongoDB adapter for AdvTxt.

afflux-listener Listener client for afflux

afflux-server afflux-server.js is a server log message that dispatch log messages to differents storage with the help of a router.

agileworkflow a super agile workflow engine

alfred-workflow Alfred Workflow using NodeJS

ali-oss aliyun oss(open storage service) node client

always-tail continuous file tail. robust enough to survive rollovers.

amqp-coffee AMQP driver for node

amqp-rpc AMQP RPC driver for node.js

amqpworkers amqpworkers

analyze-css CSS selectors complexity and performance analyzer

another-livereload Another LiveReload Server in Node.js Version

ansi-logview View ANSI encoded output in browser for multiple log files

antenna Ubiquitous message bus for Node.js.

antenna-amqp AMQP adapter for Antenna.

apacheconf Apacheconf is an apache config file parser

api-routes A declarative system for creating express API routes.

apns_test Testing Apple Push Notification service with node.js

apool generic pool

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

appnexus-api Appnexus client for node.js

architect-eventbus Event bus for architect

archivista gatta have the right tools for the right job, ya know?

arduino-firmata Arduino Firmata implementation for Node.js

array-index Invoke getter/setter functions on array-like objects

ascio ASCIO AWS node implementation

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

ast-pipeline Seamlessly pipe between text transform streams and AST transforms

async-err An easy way to make an error in Node.js async, when it would sync otherwise.

async-forkqueue a queue that runs workers asynchronously in child processes

atok-parser Parser generator based on the atok tokenizer

attachmate CouchDB Attachment Helpers

auth0-js Auth0 headless browser sdk

auto Asynchronous task runner for Node.js

autod auto generate dependencies

autopolyfiller Precise polyfills. Like Autoprefixer, but for JavaScript polyfills

autostatic Automatically serve static files, with version control (etag support), compression and CDN support. This makes it possible to skip all the annoying packaging process when deploying your application.

avos-express-cookie-session AVOS Cloud Code cookie session middleware for express framework.

avoscloud-code AVOS Cloud Code SDK.

aws-billing AWS billing API for node

axon High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

axon-priority priority module for axon

axon-rpc RPC for axon

backbone-db Key-Value database storage interface, localStorage and in-process implementations

backbone-db-cache Caching support for backbone-db

backbone-db-elasticsearch Elasticsearch driver for backbone-db

backbone-db-mongodb MongoDB driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-db-redis Redis driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-promises Adds Promises/A+ support to backbone model and collection

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

band Cluster management for nodejs

banking The missing Bank API for getting you statement data

batch-resize Batch image resizer

bc-rsa bc-rsa

bde Browserify Development Environment

besio Node Binary Event Stream IO

beyo Beyo Application framework. Handle real time bids. client Monitor module for protocol parser

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

bitfloor node.js access to the bitfloor api

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

blackjack A simple blackjack server with client.

bleacon A node.js library for creating, discovering, and configuring iBeacons

bleeding-monk The bleeding monk

bleno A node.js module for implementing BLE (Bluetooth low energy) peripherals

blockchain node.js module to access the blockchain websocket api

blogify Blogify a directory of markdown posts

blogz Read a directory of files, get a blog data structure.

blueslider Turn your slides using your TI SensorTag

bodhi Bodhi5 Cli Tools

bones-boiler Test playground bones features and setups!

bonkers A distributed load test framework using Amazon EC2 instances

bootable Easy application initialization for Node.js.

bootable-environment Environment initialization phase for Bootable.

bowery Build products not infrastructure.

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

bramble-mvc An MVC based static site generator

brokr Websocket RPC+PUB/SUB library

browser-repl CLI utility to set up a remote browser repl.

browserbuild Browserbuild allows you to write code for the browser that leverages `require`, `module` and `exports`, but that gets exposed as a global.

browserify-watcher watches a set of js files, bundles each with browserify into a bundle. uses browserify 1.x, currently.

brstar Browserify transform to preprocess static input brfs-style with your own modules.

brunch A lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity

bsproof Blind solvency proof

bud minimalistic task manager

bugfree BugFree API Node.js client

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