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builder-myth [myth]( plugin for [component-builder2](

buildfresh Runs a command then reloads your browser when files change

buildorch A Simple CLI based utility to Build, Beat and Bundle (b3), a NodeJs Application.

bully Implementation of the Bully Algorithm to elect a master among equal peers in a distributed system

bundlejs simplistic tool for bundling javascripts and css files

bz Bugzilla REST API wrapper

cache-bust Create cache-busted versions of a file using the MD5 hash of the file's contents.

cacheable A cache wrapper with redis

callmydouble callmydouble gives you a public route to be dispatched locally.

candle A module for weak referenced callbacks with timeouts.

carcass A toolbox for Node.js.

carcass-auth (Node.js) Authentication middlewares, in Carcass style.

carcass-config (Node.js) A config file loader and manager, in Carcass style.

carcass-couch (Node.js) A simple wrap of cradle plus some stream APIs, in Carcass style.

carcass-monitor (Node.js) A simple wrap of forever-monitor, in Carcass style.

carcass-program (Node.js) A simple wrap of commander.js, plus some tools and examples, in Carcass style.

cargobox Web development framework for Node.JS (Express port)

cartodb CartoDB Node.js client library

cascadify Recursively find and concatenates styles specified in package.json.

cgi A stack/connect layer to invoke and serve CGI executables.

cgit git cli

chameleon-stylus-plugin Component Stylus plugin with Chameleon customized setup

chameleon-template Admin Revamp ============

changemachine changemachine - handle couchdb change notifications using neuron

changemate Change Notification for CouchDB (plus others)

changes-stream Simple module that handles getting changes from couchdb

chat Eventually consistent chat rooms via CRDT

chipolo node.js lib for the Chipolo

chrome-pagecheck Simple way to check webpage for errors in google Chrome

cin Lightweight, flexible continuous integration server for Git projects

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

clam A full Web front end develop envirment.

climate Eve magic for console / prompt interaction

cloud-log Cloud logging node

cloud-node Cloud node

cloud-switch Switchboard for cloud

cloudrunner Run commands based on your cloud

clouds services cloud

cloudup-client cloudup api client

cnpm cnpm: npm client for Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

co-migrator Database migration tool for compound.js

co-process Concurrent producer/consumer processing for co

co-render Thunk-based template rendering for Co and others

co-template Streaming templates for co

co-urllib co version of urllib

co-view Higher level thunk-based template rendering for Co and others, built on co-render

co-views Higher level thunk-based template rendering for Co and others, built on co-render

co-ware Ware inspired, easily create your own middleware layer using generators via co.

cocotte-mixin-ws webscoketのミドルウェアをkoaで使えるようにする

coffee-distiller Merge and minify server side coffee-script files with fake CJS wrappers. This tool is useful for developers who want to distribute a SERVER SIDE coffee-script app in the form of single javascript file.

cogent Simpler HTTP requests using co

coinbase wrapper for the coinbase bitcoin wallet & exchange API

coinbase-service Wrapper for the coinbase bitcoin wallet & exchange API

coinscript Coinscript is an experimental language that compiles to Bitcoin's stack based script language.

commander-test testing commander in global installation

commentary General purpose comment API

compn Create symlinks from components/ folder to node_modules/

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-angular-partials Angular Template Handling for Component

component-api API for creating, building, and installing components

component-build main logic for component's build command

component-build-handlebars A component (v1+) builder plugin for Handlebars template precompilation

component-builder builder for component

component-builder-less A component (v1+) builder plugin for LESS -> CSS conversion

component-builder-www Component building middleware

component-builder2 builder for component

component-cdn CDN for Component

component-checkout checkout or update a component from github for local install

component-consoler console commands for component(1)

component-dev Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-downloader download components from a remote

component-hogan Hogan template transpiler plugin for component/builder.js

component-html A plugin to automatically convert HTML to Javascript strings for the component builder.

component-installer Component install tool

component-installer-node Install components as node.js modules (Patched component installer.js)

component-jade A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.

component-jade2 A plugin to transpile Jade files for component/component builder2.

component-jscoverage jscoverage plugin for component-builder

component-local local remote with download for component

component-manifest build manifests for component

component-markdown A plugin to compile Markdown to Javascript for the component builder.

component-package Component package

component-process component as a running process

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

component-regenerator facebook regenerator plugin for component-builder

component-render Render html files from template files for component

component-render-hogan Hogan.js template engine for component-render plugin

component-resolver resolve local and remote dependencies

component-runtime Component builder for runtime

component-score A component command plugin to verify quality of the components

component-search2 search through crawl components

component-styl Transpiles styl for component

component-styl-plugin Highly customizable Styl compiler plugin for Component

component-stylus Transpiles stylus for component

component-stylus-plugin Highly customizable Stylus compiler plugin for Component

component-test test components locally or with phantom

component-test2 test components locally or with phantom

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