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component-watcher build watching utility for component

concept-network Concept Network is weighted directed graph, in which activation values are propagated.

concoct A content compiler on Node.js. ConcoctJS knows how to compile templates with some context and write the results to disk. Anything in the middle is up to plugins. ConcoctJS works with any templating engine, as long as there is a plugin to handle it. The co

concurrent-map-stream Concurrently transform a stream in FIFO order

config3 Cascade config files with sensible default, local, deployed files

configure-apt `apt` wrapper.

configure-groupadd `groupadd` wrapper

configure-upstart `upstart` wrapper.

configure-useradd `useradd` wrapper.

connect High performance middleware framework

connect-base Get the base url for Express/Connect

connect-cachify-static static (simpler and faster) variant of connect-cachify middleware

connect-coffee-script Simple connect middleware to serve CoffeeScript files

connect-commonjs-amd Write JavaScript. Convert it into AMD.

connect-couchdb-queue CouchDB session store for Connect, using queue and changesets to avoid race conditions

connect-file-store File Session Store for Connect Middleware

connect-fuse Connect middleware for the fuse library.

connect-gzip-static gzip static middleware for connect - serves compressed files if they exist, falls through to connect-static if they don't

connect-jade-html Simple connect middleware to serve Jade files as HTML

connect-leveldb This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

connect-leveldb2 This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

connect-limit-requests 限制客户端的刷新频率,防止HTTP服务的DoS攻击

connect-mehtryx High performance middleware framework - modified for .html extension caching issues

connect-os-stats Simply putting the status from node os into json and returning them to request.

connect-redis Redis session store for Connect

connect-redis-crypto Redis session store for Connect with encryption support

connect-redis-pubsub Redis session store for Connect - with pub/sub!

connect-redis-realtime Internally-cached Redis session store for Connect, powered by PubSub

connect-redis-secure Redis session store for Connect with encryption

connect-redispade A Redis session store adapter for connect middleware, backed by Spade.

connect-rethinkdb RethinkDB session store for Connect

connect-riak-sessions Connect (ExpressJS) middleware that stores session data in Riak

connect-session Make connect session more convinient for REST API

connect-session-sequelize Session store for connect-session using sequelize

connect-tair [Tair]( session store for Connect.

connect-tcp TCP version of SenchaLabs's Connect middleware layer for Node.js

connect-timeout timeout middleware

connect-unstable Unstable, tracking fork of the real connect middleware. Only use if you really, *really* need node 0.5+.

connectr Connect wrapper that adds ability to insert middleware at arbitrary positions."

cookie-session cookie session middleware

cordell Cordell - One bad mofo directory walker and file watcher

corredor-js JS bindings for Corredor test transport framework.

costa Coffee classes for web application

couch-cache A cache solution for CouchDB documents.

couche couchdb client for node, with specific apis

couchtty Experimental tty interface to CouchDB

country-flags Flags image service

cqs CouchDB Queue Service: an Amazon SQS implementation on CouchDB

crane Diligent work queue for Node.js.

crane-amqp AMQP adapter for Crane.

craziness Memory management through JavaScript

crood Web-based code editor in node.js

cruft Delete cruft from npm packages

cruise-log A raft log implementation

cruise-node A cruise node

cruise-states Performs state machine transitions for cruise

cryptoengine Monitor and verify transactions from a local or remote litecoin/bitcoin/... deamon

css-color-function A parser and converter for Tab Atkins's proposed color function in CSS.

css-md5 Walks CSS files and replaces contents of url() dependencies with paths to a CDN.

css-whitespace Whitespace significant CSS to regular CSS

csstss A CSS to TSS (Titanium Style Sheet) compiler.

cwrite cache file writes

cyrus An express-based Node.js architype web application bootstrapping module.

daobao Dispatcher for Express route generators. (initially developed for use with Chungking controllers and Railway-routes.

darkmagic A dependency injection framework

darko A Node.js port of popular site generator Jekyll.

darner darner darner-client message-queue

dashboards Simple and pluggable dashboards

dashboards-helpscout Helpscout plugin for segmentio/dashboards

dashboards-stripe-charges Stripe charges plugin for segmentio/dashboards

dashboards-stripe-subscriptions Stripe subscriptions plugin for segmentio/dashboards

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

date.js dates for humans

debug-timer time things. output to visionmedia/debug

debugg debug with eyes

deckem Build deck.js presentations using Jade templating

demogen Clientside JS Library Demo Generator

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

desckit Custom desktop wallpaper generator with NodeJS and PhantomJS

detour Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

devcaps Device Capabilities Detection Proxy

deviant Override node's builtin require to use browserify transform streams directly in node

dico A service container in javascript.

diehard Gracefully clean up your program at termination with multiple sync and/or async handlers. Wraps the `death` npm module.

discore-process discore's process for building and linting

discovery Discovery provides dynamic service discovery over a pluggable interface.

discrete-stream discrete-stream

dispenser yet another dependency injection container

distillery Talk to a remote API without needing to expose your secret token or all the endpoints

distribute Load balancer / proxy / router organized around Express/Connect-like middleware.

dns-sync dns-sync

docker-modem Docker remote API network layer module.

docker-services docker-services

dockerode-process ChildProcess like interface for docker containers

dockmaster Vhost middleware router for Distribute that uses Seaport to intelligently route requests

docstar Sphinx Documentation Helpers for JS devs

door Http proxy server with auto-reload and static file serving

dotjs-zen dotjs. browserify. awesome!

dpd-fileupload File uploader for Deployd

dpd-passport Passport for deployd

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