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docker-services docker-services

dockerode-process ChildProcess like interface for docker containers

dockmaster Vhost middleware router for Distribute that uses Seaport to intelligently route requests

docstar Sphinx Documentation Helpers for JS devs

dogstatsy yet another node client for extended StatsD server of Datadog

door Http proxy server with auto-reload and static file serving

dotjs-zen dotjs. browserify. awesome!

dpd-fileupload File uploader for Deployd

dpd-passport Passport for deployd

drachtio express-style middleware for SIP telephony applications (

drachtio-dialog SIP dialog control framework built on top of drachtio

drachtio-redis Redis session store for use with drachtio

drachtio-session session storage for drachtio applications

drone-joystick Control AR.Drones using any SDL-compatible Joystick (PS3 Sixaxis, etc.)

drop node.js ripple client

dropbox-cli Usage: dropbox-cli [options] [command]

dropbox-sync Read-only sync with Dropbox

duo-builder build browser dependencies

duo-installer install dependencies from github

duo-package github package installer

dust-compiler Dust.js template watcher/compiler with support for notifications on OS X, Linux, and even Windows

dws Lightweight Wrapper for Decarta Hosted WebServices

dynamis Node.JS cache API for various persistence layers

dynamoose Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

dynasty Dynasty - Promise-based DynamoDB API

dynostore Dynamo db wrapper for the jepso-ci schema

earley-node ### An implementation of the a Context Free Grammar (CFG) using the Earley algorithm in Node.JS

easy-pg easy-pg is "easy to use" deferred PostgreSQL client for node.js

ebml ebml parser

ector ECTOR is a learning chatterbot.

ector-command A command to an interactive learning chatterbot.

edp-watch Package for edp watch.

ejs2 EJS v2

ekam Package builder with includes

eksi-server Eksi Sozluk JSON API Server

eksi-sozluk NodeJS client to query Eksi Sozluk

elections A nodejs app for tracking candidates' campaign offers and for serving as an information repository for voters.

electrolyte Elegant dependency injection for Node.js.

embed Embedly API for node

encfs encfs wrapper for nodejs

enchilada middleware for automatic javascript bundles The realtime engine behind Socket.IO. Provides the foundation of a bidirectional connection between client and server Client for the realtime Engine [![Build Status](]( The realtime engine behind Socket.IO. Provides the foundation of a bidirectional connection between client and server Simple reconnect wrapper for Simple rooms wrapper for

entangle Distributed JavaScript objects using Object.observe() with pluggable drivers

entity-system A framework to use a pure Entity Component System running in a mongodb database

entitydef Simple JSON Definition Loader using findit

env-builder Build environment variables with inheritance

eoddata EODData client library for Node.js

epsom Express skeleton with coffee-script. Configured using mongoose, zurb foundation, emberjs, jquery. rawjs

es-cli Elasticsearch CLI for querying your logs

esformatter ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

establish Establish, a nodejs stupid simple git and ssh based deployment tool.

etcd etcd client for node

eui64 JS library for dealing with IEEE-defined 64bit extended unique identifier.

eventproxy An implementation of task/event based asynchronous pattern.

everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

everyauth-express3 Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express 3.x apps

everyauth-goellan Everyauth forked with working github authentication

everyauth-latest Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

exec-it Executes a command on a remote machine using ssh connection

exec-pool Pooled exec()

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-asset-manager Simple asset manager middleware for Express.js

express-autoload Express autoload

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-combo Combo handler for express applications

express-istatic Add compressed inline css and scripts to your html, but write them as seperated files.

express-kerberos Kerberos middleware for connect/express.

express-regexp-router Express' built-in regexp router

express-resource Resourceful routing for express

express-restless Resource-based framework for express.

express-routes Route helper for Express


express-static-cache Static cache for express

express-toybox My Own Extra Stuff for Express

express-unstable Unstable, tracking fork of the real express. Only use if you really, *really* need node 0.7+.

express-view Express view class for synthetic views.

express-yui Express extension for YUI Applications

expressive-router expressive-router =================

expressjsmvc An Express.js application organized in an MVC way with extra helpers and utilities

expresswall very basic security layer for express/connect

ext-server An application server having the class system which is compatible with Ext JS

ezseed-database Ezseed database handler

familysearch FamilySearch API

fantomo PhantomJS based bot

father A package parser that can resolve self and dependencies, supporting spm, component.

feecbr-lib feecbr micro lib based on imalberto/photonews-lib

fend Fend - A JavaScript next generation web application framework for front-end

fendjs-router Router for Fend.js

fendjs-router-client Fendjs router for client

fendjs-router-server Fend.js router for server

ferguson An asset manager

fez-tap TAP tests for your fez. Keep your tests ultra portable by using Tape. Run them on the backend with Fez, and on the frontend with anything else.

fez-tape TAP tests for your fez. Compatible with frontend because it's Tape by Substack. -- Great for automated browser testing builds.

ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

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