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alright Beautiful assertion library.

aname-poll Node module that updates A/AAAA records for domains in Redis

audio-slot Web Audio API triggerable audio slot described with JSON consisting of sources, processors, and modulators.

autorev blindly update couchdb documents

bevy A simple server to manage multiple Node services

browserify browser-side require() the node way

bus-thing Some thing that is a bus?

ccm Calculates cyclomatic complexity metrics (ccm) for JavaScript.

chinese-seg Implement Chinese text segmentation algorithm

diff-stream Compare the contents of two object streams, and produce a new stream consisting of the differences

dijkstra Implementation of dijkstra's algorithm

empath A cli tool that detects what module systems a particular Javascript library supports.

examplifier TODO: Better name

fibonacci-heap Fibonacci heap implementation

fiddle mongodb inspired object manipulation

firedup A node.js implementation of firebase based on levelup

gaffa The tape

gitdocs Documentation generated automatically from files hosted in github

grape A test lib inspired by Substack's tape

greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

hmock Very simple http request/response mocking.

hock A mocking server for HTTP requests

iced-test A testing class written with IcedCoffeeScript

inventory item inventory management

itempile split and merge 'piles' of items

jef Just enough framework The open-source data visualization framework

kbpgp Keybase's PGP Implementation

keybase node-client ===========

level-places Store and retrieve places near a lat/long pair, using leveldb

level-update-stream writestream to level, but only actual updates

mertan geometrical operations

minijest A testing library for JavaScript

modul8 Extensible CommonJS Code Packager and Analyzer

mongoose-adventure An intro to mongoose via a self-guided workshop

musicmetadata Streaming music metadata parser for node and the browser.

node-greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

node-interceptor HTTP & HTTPS request interceptor that allows to define which fixture (JSON object) to return, inspired by jQuery.fixture, thegreatape/fakeweb and ppcano/fixtures.

openbadges-validator openbadges validation tools

phpjs php.js offers community built php functions in javascript

polygamous Clojure-style multi-methods for JavaScript.

radiodan Programmable radios operating at web scale

relalg.js This [Relational Algebra][relalg] evaluator is written by me, Morten Fangel (, For their assistance with this project, I'd like to thank Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Henrik Bulskov from Roskilde University and Associate Professor Philippe Bonnet, IT University of Copenhagen.

restify REST framework

rework-deduplicate Rework plugin to remove duplicate rules

ripple-rest A RESTful API for submitting payments and monitoring accounts on the Ripple Network.

rumours general purpose scuttlebutt/leveldb server.

search-modules search-modules --------------

server-proto A protocol independent server framework

spec-thing Some thing that is a spec?

system.json Package management for any OS with semver, JSON, configuration and friends.

tap A Test-Anything-Protocol library

tap_ A Test-Anything-Protocol library (Temporary copy with fixed setImmediate)

tap-harmony A Test-Anything-Protocol library (supporting harmony features)

tape tap-producing test harness for node and browsers

tape-compact tap-producing test harness for node and browsers

test-more A TAP-producing test framework for Node.js

thalassa A lightweight service registry using Redis inspired by Seaport

thalassa-aqueduct Dynamic haproxy load balancer and configuration. Part of Thalassa

uniqueify Returns a array with only unique values. Otherwise known as a Set

uristream Stream from URI-based resources

utile A drop-in replacement for `util` with some additional advantageous functions

vatrix matrix tools

verity a lib for testing for http request/response

viceroy-schema Viceroy-ORM's schema implementation

warlock DSTM/Atomic transactions via WebSockets

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