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amino-driver-http HTTP driver for amino

amphibian pipe an ssh session to your browser

apps-a-middleware ![image](

astrolin astro-let's do open links / source

blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller

bullet A simple lightweight MVC with express

composer-server The systems configuration management component of orchestra

crosstalk-ide Crosstalk Integrated Development Environment

director-explorer HTML explorer interface for <a href="">Director</a> routers.

drapper Very minimal but opinionated director wrapper

ducktape.js A proxy server for modifying/patching live sites.

flatiron An elegant blend of convention and configuration for building apps in Node.js and the browser

flatiron-restful-express Use restful with flatiron and express.

formful Reflect HTML forms from [Resourceful]( resources.

gimme-assets A little, experimental tool to manage web assets from the CLI. Based on cdnjs / microjs libs

homer Dynamic DNS server A github based, open source documentation solution

module-foundry A web service for building node.js modules that runs on Linux, SmartOS and Windows.

mors Express inspired "Client-Server" framework using mqtt protocol for node.js

ncombo Cloud application framework inspired by substack/npmtop

pibot personal IRC bot

presents-server ERROR: No file found!

quill-composer A configuration management and package management server that supports OS and infrastructure opacity.

restful Restful routing using resourceful and director.

smart-private-npm An intelligent routing proxy for npm with support for: private, whitelisted, and blacklisted packaged

spas spas is a pragmatic tool for bundling multiple API requests into a single request/response for the end user. spas throttles, caches, parses, filters, concatenates and minifies API responses. It serves them all up in one tidy little package resulting in fewer requests and smaller downloads.

splink-smvc Node.JS Server MVC(ish) Framework built on Splink

sqlcdcmanager Configuration Manager for MS SQL Server Change Data Capture For Node

veritech A lightweight MVC using director + handlebars with optional resource delivery

wshost A generic host for exposing objects as web services.

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