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awsboxen Deploying and Scaling NodeJS apps on AWS

bash-nb Naive Bayes implemented in bash.

brofist-cli Command line runner for Brofist.

calliope Command line interface for kalamoi/papyr documentation in JS projects.

cozy-cli Collection of Command Line Interfaces to manage your Cozy applications from the command line.

cozy-clis At Cozy we spent most of our time in the command line. It's the most efficient tool we use: it makes us more productive and it's super hackable. So, that sounds logical to provide a Command Line Interface to Cozy.

doc-n-toc Build a simple, slick, single page manual for your project with Markdown

doq Easy documentation using markdown.

flod Node.js Web Framework benchmarking tool

friendpipe Send files to your friends from the command line.

gmailto Send Gmails from your command line.

jester Simple language designed for teaching

jydict ydict nodejs implementation

kalamoi A tool for generating Papyr°-compliant documentation metadata.

kyu-s IT HAD TO BE DONE!!1

otter run your client-side apps on the server

papyr A single-page web app for visualising API references.

shellate Templating for Shell scripts.

starphleet-cli The fully open container based continuous deployment PaaS.

sug Sucks Markdown outta your source files.

superwatcher Watch a GiT repository for changes

ws-testbed-cli The console runner for ws-testbed.

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