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docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

docparse-api api server for the docparse project

docparse-bills docparse bills

docparse-db mongoose database connection for the docparse project

docparse-logins logins for the DocParse system

docparse-scraper-bills-fetch fetch bills from the docparse scraper api server

docparse-scraper-hes scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nge scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nst Node Zombie based scraper to scrape bills from the NStar (supplier code "NST)" website

docparse-scraper-runner manage running docparse scraper jobs on a schedule

docparse-scraper-server Serve scraper api requests

docparse-static static file server for the docparse website

pdfer-api api server for the pdfer service

pdfer-job-collector Collect results of pdfer worker jobs

pdfer-job-pusher Push new pdf extract jobs out to workers

pdfer-router bounce api and web requests to the appropriate server for the pdfer service

pdfer-seaport-server Create a seaport server to so that all the various pdfer services can register in central registry

pdfer-static Static file server for the pdfer service

service-router router to bounce requests to either api or web servers

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