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abiogenesis Asyncronous, nested 'task' runner framework with dependency resolution.

apnagent Node adapter for Apple Push Notification (APN) service.

apollo Actor systems for Javascript

carbon Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.

codex Static site and code documentation generator.

cohesion Elegant process clustering.

contraption Finite State Machines for node.js and the browser.

electron A simple command-line interface framework for node.js.

evermore Make processes run evermore.

folio Tiny static javascript build and serve utility.

hyperion-router HTTP router for node.js and the browser.

mercurial Mercurial middleware for node

mist Flexible CLI platform for application tasks and deployments.

orchid Websockets based eventful RPC

pidaeus Node.js bindings for Raspberry Pi hardware interfaces.

quantum Transport independant JSON logging for node.js.

seed Storage-agnostic, event emitting datasets: schemas, models, hashes, and graphs.

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