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a-taste-of-node A short node workshop

auth-stream Authorize access before exposing a stream

concurrent-map-stream Concurrently transform a stream in FIFO order

convoy-stream A meta-stream for sending multiple streams down a single stream. Like [mux-demux]( except in series instead of in parallel.

git-transport-protocol a r/w stream that wraps a r/w stream and formats the data according to the git transfer protocol

json-parse-stream streaming json parser

junction-stream through stream that redirects writes to one of two child streams

level-merkle merkle tree replication.

level-scuttlebutt Plugin to add persistence and querying [scuttlebutt]( documents stored in leveldb.

memcache-server-stream duplex stream implementation of memcache server protocol. pipe any net connection to add mc support to your node server

merkle-stream A base for creating merkle tree replication

message-stream duplex stream of messages (with minimal edgecases!).

mux-demux multiplex streams

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

printastic-protocol a simple json wire protocol that supports binary file transfers. For talking with printastic servers.

repred Insanely simple data replication.

scuttlebutt replicate data via scuttlebutt protocol

tab-stream net style streams between browser tabs

tar-parse streaming tar parser

tastychat Part of the [Taste of Node Workshop](

turtles adds stream passing support to dnode callbacks

wsstream Stream over websockets

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