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aux Simplify running commands on multiple systems

azure-common Windows Azure Common Client Library for node

bashful parse and execute bash without doing any IO

boot An automatic reconnect mux-demux-shoe

browser-run Transform stream that executes JavaScript it receives in a real browser and outputs console output

browser-unix unix in the browser

browserify browser-side require() the node way

browserify-blented browser-side require() the node way // with useful errors

buffer-stream A duplex stream that buffers writes

cabs content addressable blob store for node

carpenter template fillerouter, like blacksmith, but simpler

cli-less unix less in pure node

comandante spawn() that returns a duplex stream and emits errors with stderr data on non-zero exit codes

cypher-feed content-addressable distributed publishing

deterministic-tar generate a tarball that hashes consistently

devopsjs dev & ops with widgets using nodejs, smw, cucumber bdd, nrpe and solr

dictaphone A simple, single-host caching proxy

disc A tool for analyzing the module tree of a browserify bundle or node project

event-stream construct pipes of streams of events

exterminate terminal emulator application like xterm in node and html

faucet human-readable TAP summarizer

hyperkey shared server+client rendering with live updates for key/value stores

hyperquest make streaming http requests

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

hyperzip Make hyperquest requests that have full support for gzip and deflate encoding (server side only)

ircee A tiny modular IRC library with a stream / event-emitter based API

jade-pdf-redline Jade to PDF converter

jsonwire newline delimited json read/write stream

kvdb-level LevelDB backend for kvdb

learnserversidejavascript Learn Server Side JavaScript

learnyounode Learn You The Node.js For Much Win! An intro to Node.js via a set of self-guided workshops.

level-rpc Super fast rpc mechanism for LevelUp

level-store A streaming storage engine based on LevelDB.

level-stream Persist streams in leveldb.

markdown-code-blocks Extract fenced code blocks from Markdown streams

markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF converter

multilevel Expose a leveldb over the network.

multilevel-dev Expose a leveldb over the network.

multilevel-http Access a leveldb instance from multiple processes via HTTP

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

ordered-through Transform streams with async functions, preserving order

organic-bundlecode * code - String

rebrowser browser-side require() the node way

rebrowser-pack pack node-style source files from a json stream into a browser bundle

recaster Clone this project to scaffold a new (npm/node) project.

redis-stream-store Store streams in redis

relaychum friend-to-friend anonymous darknet

script-injector Inject inline javascript into an HTML stream.

shux streaming shell multiplexer

solr-client A Solr client library for indexing, adding, deleting, committing, optimizing and searching documents within an Apache Solr installation (version>=3.2)

spawn-module Spawn a node module that exports callback-based functions as a process.

splate The simplest possible streaming JavaScript template engine that could possibly work.

spooky Drive CasperJS from Node.js

straggler aggregate text streams

stream-adventure an educational stream adventure

stream-combiner <img src=>

stream-server A stream server in the browser

tap-dot Formatted TAP output with dots ...

tap-json JSON TAP output formatter.

tap-min Minimal TAP output formatter.

tap-nyan Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

tap-spec Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

throughout apply a through stream to the output side of another through stream

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

walkietalkie multi-agent, multi-channel, duplex-emitter network

xlsx-stream Creates SpreadsheetML (.xlsx) files in sequence with streaming interface.

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