Packages depending on ejs

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fs-notifier File System Notifier that invokes scripts when new input files are available

ftweibo ERROR: No file found!

fuqit js port of the fuqit framework

fuqzed js port of the fuqit framework

fynn fynn.js, MVC, node + client

gaia_it_diff Gaia Integration tests screenshots result comparision tooll

gaia-screenshot Gaia Integration tests screenshots result comparision tool

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

generator-joosy A generator for Yeoman

geoffrey A simple way to serve static pages with node.js.

getperiodic GetPeriodic

ghexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

gist-pages Express meets to create an open blogging platform.

git-release-notes Generate beautiful release notes from a git log.

gitdb **GitDB** is a RESTful HTTP network service for reading and writing to git repositories. It is implemented in Coffeescript and uses the [**nodegit**]( Javascript [**libgit2**]( bindings.

gitgui Git GUI written in node.js

githubpage Generate github page by Node.js

glace glace express like node.js web framework based on koa

glyphicons-css CSS generator for the GLYPHICONS FREE icon set

gmudoc Jsdoc for gmu project

goorm Cloud based Integrated Development Enviroment.

Gps2zip Convert GPS latitude/longitude pairs to US zip codes.

grand-central-express A Rails-inspired Express framework for Node

grand-central-pipeline A javascript asset pipeline for Node

greadme Locally preview your markdown, Github style

grunt-bing-translate Automatically translate from english to any other language with Bing.

grunt-build-docs Build documentations using YUIDOC

grunt-ejs A grunt task for rendering ejs templates.

grunt-ejs-render Render EJS templates with custom data and helpers

grunt-ejs-static Grunt EJS Static is a static site generator built with EJS and Grunt. Pages are defined in JSON by declaring the layout file and any additional data needed at render time. The layout file manages EJS Includes, which are partials organized in the componen

grunt-embed-require build js and embed required.

grunt-express-middleware The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-jasmine-spec-server a server to run jasmine spec files selectively

grunt-mocha-html generate html for mocha browser test.

grunt-pages Grunt task to create pages using markdown and templates

grunt-plates Grunt Tasks & Boilerplates

grunt-simple-ejs process ejs template.

grunt-sqsp Manage & Deploy I18n-ready Squarespace Themes to different sites. Developed in conjunction with Big Human (

grunt-style-temtem The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-template-module Precompile templates to a file with option to expose templates as a node/commonjs module.

grunt-webify Webifies html pages, by injecting css, sass, scss, less, js, etc from links

gulp-ejs A plugin for Gulp that parses ejs template files

gulp-ejs-precompiler A plugin for gulp that precompiles ejs templates

gulp-wrap-layout A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

hans Wordpress Theme development in the CLI A small server to serve up HAPI applications

hartman generate test files

hatchjs Hatch.js is CMS platform with social features. This package is an Express application which can be extended with additional modules.

hawkejs Extension of the EJS templating system

hehe MVC project template

hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

hexo-generator-feed Feed generator plugin for Hexo

hexo-generator-sitemap Sitemap generator plugin for Hexo

hitler Server Automation for NodeJS over SSH

hive MVC for modern web and mobile apps

hive-queen a directory spawner for hive-mvc

homura-elasticsearch a homura (IRC bouncer) module to index IRC logs to ElasticSearch

hospos HosPos

hotcode File monitor script for local development.

howdy Howdy makes it easy to generate presentations from a Markdown source.

html-expand DOM expanding.

html-include Process .html files as ejs templates from the document_root

http-markup-server HTTP-server for markup (using express framework and ejs template engine)

hubiquitus-ping-monitor This module provides a binary that launches a webapp to monitor alives hubiquitus container in your system. This webapp provides

hyperloop hyperloop compiler

i18n-ejs Internationalization templating build on top of ejs

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

icecream rapid web framework for nodejs

iframely oEmbed/2 gateway endpoint. Get embed data for various http links through one self-hosted API

Index bakes index files, feeds and tag pages for websites

insframe Central hub for distributing web apps to multiple browsers on multiple environments

installer template vm

jbackupmanager This NodeJS package is meant to be a quick and easy way to manage the backups of your joomla sites from a single place. It relies on the awesome AkeebaBackup JSON API for the actual backup process. Take a look at the [features](#features "features") for a list of the amazing things that this software can do for you.

jdd js doc, explain doc, demo快速生成

jden me, automated

jen jen static site generator

jes javascript template engine

jetfire A rails-like framework for node

jojo the 10 second blog-engine for hackers (in javascript)

jox JavaScript documentation generator

jraiser-mdk JRaiser Module Development Kit

js-cast-example Voice Streaming from client Browser using icecast server

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

jscoverage a javascript coverage tool, can be used in node dev, and browser side js dev

jsreport javascript based business reporting

jwt-encode-decode-app JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Encoding and Decoding App.

karma-ejs-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compiles underscore embedded js templates.

knight A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight

koa-ejs ejs render middleware for koa

koan A Koa.js Application Boilerplate

koderra koderra

l Web application framework for linking everything together

lantern Preview Markdown Files

lightapi A simple web framework for Node.JS

lightblog A light blog program support markdown

lima A framework for developing rich web apps using node and dojo

lite-server ERROR: No README data found!

lithe-cli lithe cli tool

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