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adform A node-module to integrate with the adform api (

cca Run Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

cordova-testabit Cordova testabit command line interface tool

dps-folio-lookup Gets back an array of folios from the distributon service of ADPS for a given account (Adobe Digital Publishing Suite).

dpws DPWS Implementation

easy-bake EasyBake provides an efficient environment for CoffeeScript library developers: CoffeeScript/Javascript-based configuration files (no coding needed), workflow (build, watch, clean, preview) tests (QUnit, Jasime, NodeUnit, server-side emulation with ModuleBundler), publishing (git, npm, NuGet). Replace your Cakefile with a Bakefile today!

easyxml A configurable object to XML converter

grunt-assetsbuilder Grunt task for build assets

jaawegx Mobile Chrome Apps command line tool

md5caculator calculate apk or ipa md5

md5calculator calculate apk or ipa md5

newrelicapi Simple NewRelic API Wrapper

panxapi A simple client for Palo Alto Networks firewall API

pluginstall install Cordova plugins

plugman install/uninstall Cordova plugins

projects You're a prolific developer (or you want to be). Manage, keep track of, and show off your projects.

quall simple sqs services

simplexml Simple and easy json to xml converter

swiz Serialization and Validation Framework for objects in RESTful APIs

syncml-js A pure javascript implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol.

ws-discovery WS Discovery library

xapt Create, validate & convert xFace application package

xface xFace command line interface tool

xlsx-template Generate .xlsx (Excel) files from templates built in Excel

xmen Command line interface for Polyvi.

xplugin install/uninstall xFace plugins

xsrc xface source management tool

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