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array a vocal, functional array

axes An alternative implementation of d3's quantitative scales

bamboo A model library for client side javascript making it easy to load and persist javascript-object like data structures to/from a backend (typically over ajax) and use them in view/template bindings.

batch-component Simple async batch

brighthas-model model for javascript

bus Application-wide event bus

bus-component Application-wide event bus

calendar-component Calendar component

changeable Listen for object changes

clipboard-component Clipboard API wrapper

clipboard-dom Copy-to-Clipboard on a DOM element

clock-input widget to select time

color-picker Simple color picker component

combobox Lightweight select box replacemet

css-emitter fire events on css transition and animation completion by @ecarter

dialog-component Dialog component

dropload-component drag and drop file uploading

editable-component Turn element into contenteditable

fendjs-model Elegant data models for Fend.js

file-component File & FileReader wrappers

fullscreen-component Fullscreen api

generic-progress generic progress emitter

gesture-component Higher level gesture API built on hammer.js

hut-accordion HTML UI Toolkit accordion component

hut-menu HTML UI Toolkit menu

hut-modal HTML UI Toolkit modal component

hut-tabs HTML UI Toolkit tabs component

hydro-class A powerful, full-featured class system for JavaScript.

infinity-component infinite scrolling with loading and unloading

io-component higher-level []( client.

io-server io server to use with matthewmueller/io

json-schema-agent-component JSON Hyper-Schema HTTP client

jsonwatch Json file reader, which will emit events on the Json file content. It will also watch your Json file for any changes and emit events which will tell you about the changes. This module was intended for reading/watching configuration files which may change while running an app.

mekanika-schema Models and Records

menu-component Menu component

mio Modern idiomatic models for the browser and node.js.

moco Small idiomatic es5 model and collection.

model-brighthas model for javascript

modella simplified models

moldy - [moldy](#moldy) - [Property Attributes](#moldy-property-attributes) - [Type & default](#moldy-property-attributes-type--default) - [Optional](#moldy-property-attributes-optional) - [Arrays of a type](#moldy-property-attributes-

mydb-client MyDB client component.

node-model W.I.P minimalistic extensible model component.

notification-component Notification component

nt-bus Event bus for both node and client side.

nt-model Simple base model with emitter component.

observable-component Get and set properties and watch for changes

orientation-listener Listen for device orientation changes

overlay-component Overlay component

packent-builder Builder for packent(1)

pager-component Pager ui component

popup Component to create a native popup window via

protosock Framework for building network protocols

queue-component Task (function) queue with concurrency / timeout control.

reactive Reactive template engine with data bindings

routemachine Stateful client-side router

sc-data A data module

sc-filtered-list - [sc-filtered-list](#sc-filtered-list) <a name=""></a>

simpleio Simple long polling based communication.

stream-mixin A classic-stream mixin for browser code.

superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

superagent-defaults Create some defaults for superagent requests

superagent-ender elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

superinput Tokenized input with autocomplete support

swipe Swipe component with touch support

tip-component Tip component

tower-model [![Build Status](](

tree-node tree node

tubbs Models with an API that I actually like.

tween-component Motion tween engine using 'ease'

upload-component file upload and progress api

vahender State machine.

waypoints Fire events when scrolling down the page

worker-component Web worker API wrapper

xhr-image XHR-driven Images for progress events

zoom-component zoom in on elements

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