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aa-io a realtime communication library base on (es6 style)

adhoq Experimental website framework

angularjs-websocket-transport A demonstration that replaces the AngularJS $http service with a WebSocket transport layer. A lightweight wrapper around Make a valid node stream Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

godot-dash HTTP dashboard for Nodejitsu's godot; A port of riemann-dash

jok-play creating online games never was so easy

jsmail A simple all-in-one email server, client, and web frontend

mydb MyDB realtime server

odin-ws WebSocket benchmark utility

oil Makes running with a little slicker

primacron Primacron is a high level abstraction build on top of Primus

primus-live Live reload with Jade/Stylus/CoffeeScript/Markdown support

protosock Framework for building network protocols

pusherman A live-refresh static fileserver thingy

radar Realtime apps with a high level API based on

radiator streaming interface to for client and server

realsocket An awesome real time application that shows how to set up a realsocket app

relay-server Server used to relay deltas

resource-mesh provides a distributed p2p event emitter mesh

restio REST-like syntax for WebSockets

rockets ![Rocket](

roomba-server Multiplayer game server designed for use with websockets. Manages rooms and users!

roomsjs JavaScript Node.JS module for creating rooms and streaming data between front-end and back-end

rpc-socket RPC like calling over different types of sockets Realtime Transport (RTT)

sara A JavaScript framework that unites the server and client.

shiro Online quiz game engine, inspired by russian tv show 'What? Where? When?' (Million Dollar Mind Game). Minimalistic wrapper around and ========

socker express like API CRUD on

socketcluster-server Server side of SocketCluster

socketmq Library for building application in ZeroMQ-like messaging semantics end to end. Build upon node.js and Engine.IO

socketstream A fast, modular Node.js framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps

splinky-ws WebSockets for Splinky websocket transport layer for SocketStream ng-board transport

ui-for-redis Filter events on the redis pubsub network

universes Game Server development framework written in Node.js.

vertex No description.

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