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apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

apostrophe-pages Adds trees of pages to the Apostrophe content management system

bleach A minimalistic HTML sanitizer

cjs-vs-amd-benchmark Compare load times of CJS and AMD module systems

code-music-studio design musical algorithms

crawlable-solidify Some tools to help you to render your application as a static web site using the crawlable module.

cssax Event-based CSS querying of HTML streams.

deadsimplelog configless static blog generator

docpad-plugin-highlightjs Adds support for Highlight.js syntax highlighting to DocPad

domo-url URL module for Domo-kun

ecstatic A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron

element Create's DOMElement from a string

ent-rec Encode and decode recursively strings in a mixed object

flint Modern Development Toolkit

glog git push blog server

google-translate Google Translate API for Node.js

house A home for your website, apps & data.

html2jade HTML to Jade conversion tool

hubot-codinglove A script for Hubot to display meme from thecodinglove and lesjoiesducode.

hyperglue update html elements by mapping query selectors to attributes, text, and hypertext

hyperspace render streams of html on the client and the server

jsonml-stringify Convert jsonml arrays to html strings

jstl-server Jstl Server

lwink Lwink is a Twitter unique link tracker, expander and emitter

lyrictagger Automatically add lyrics to music files

makara i18n support for dust.js templates

mano Web application framework

metalsmith-encode-html A Metalsmith plugin to encode html entities in html files.

morkdown A markdown editor built on Chrome & Node

node-twilio Simple TwilioML and conversation helper library.

nofactor ```javascript var nofactor = require("nofactor"), nostr = nofactor.string;

npm-issue-5001-long-install A Node module to help reproduce NPM Issue #5001 (npm/npm#5001). The problem module with a long install that serves a shared dependency to both the main module and a child module's `install` script.

nyaatorrents Interact with NyaaTorrents (, formerly

paperclip controller logic:

password-reset middleware for password reset emails

password-reset-nodemailer Middleware for password reset emails using nodemailer

pdftxt extract text from pdf documents

pipermail node.js utilities for reading pipermail archives such as es-discuss

portfolio Portfolio library for Node.js

rawk Rawk parses components out of CSS markdown comments.

readability-cli Read any web page from the command line using readability.js

sanitize-html Clean up user-submitted HTML, preserving whitelisted elements and whitelisted attributes on a per-element basis

scrape-eksi Scrape Eksi Sozluk

slid.js A stupid command line slide tool

static-route A route for an http server to safely serve static files

summarize-markdown Summarize markdown into a simple text string

swell Isomorphic development in coffeescript

tek-html tek library for static html

testling write tests for browser code

thedude Lebowski Ipsum generator for the command line

tokyotosho Search and retrieve details from Tokyo Toshokan (

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

ultramarked Marked with built-in syntax highlighting and input sanitizing that doesn't encode all HTML

unmarked Parse HTML into Markdown, a companion for marked.

woosh parse and transform streaming html using css selectors in a composable way

zcsel Zé CSS Selectors - A JQuery "kind of" CSS Selectors

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