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ak-rest minimalistic Akiban REST driver for node.js

asana-api A nodejs client implementation for Asana API

asana-api-oauth A nodejs client implementation for Asana API with OAuth

autostart Multiplatform autostart tool for Node.js applications

baseview minimalistic couchbase view client for node.js

bitwriter A better interface for writing bytes to Buffers

couch-streams CouchDB stream utils.

create-servers Create an http AND/OR an https server and call the same request handler.

error-adapter A simple API for generating Error objects. It currently wraps Errs (, but may not in the future.

heck a kind of humorous euphemism, for handling http errors

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

node-up A node.js client module for the unofficial Jawbone UP API

osg-auth auth agent for osg-id service

osg-jast OSGE JAST

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

precious the minimum kind of ephemeris

quill-cli Flawless configuration of your cloud

read-dir-files Recursively read files from a directory

restposten Data persistence module for flatiron based on JSON Schema

riaks Riak client with a streaming interface

streampng Streaming PNG encoder/decoder, compatible with latest PNG extensions (PNGEXT 1.4.0)

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