Packages depending on esprima

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ablejs The statics build tools for ablesky

acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

add-func-name Add temp name to anonymous function for debugging

aether Analyzes, instruments, and transpiles JS to help beginners.

aftershave compiled javascript templates

akira toy functional language that transpiles to JavaScript

alce Accepting Language Config Environment

amd-to-closure Transform AMD modules to Google Closure modules

amd-tools Diagnostic tools for projects using AMD modules

amdbuilder Build amd modules tosingle module.

amdclean A build tool that converts AMD code to standard JavaScript

amdetective Like node-detective, but for AMD/r.js files

analyze analyze -------

angular-extender Extend AngularJS applications by injecting module dependencies at build time

angular-gettext-tools Tools for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings.

aonyx A small, light-weight, dependency injector for node.

arangodep ArangoDB deployment tool

argnames print function arguments with original names

asm.js Tools for the asm.js subset of JavaScript

ast-query Declarative JavaScript AST modification fa├žade

ast-transform Convenience wrapper for performing AST transformations with browserify transform streams

astjs ECMAscript AST transformation library

astw-opts walk the ast with references to parent nodes (with added support for esprima parse opts)

asyncblock A simple and powerful abstraction of node-fibers

atropa-jsformatter A node module to pretty print JavaScript source code.

aulx Autocompletion for the Web. Includes JS with static and dynamic analysis.

autodoc Doc generation on steroids

bem-jsdoc Yet another JSDoc parser. It supports limited set of tags and features.

bem-xjst [XJST]( compiler for a BEM-specific templates.

bemhtml-compat ERROR: No file found!

bfydir http-server to browserify *.js in a dir

bitscript An experimental language that compiles to JavaScript and C++

blanket seamless js code coverage

bna build node app

bosonic-transpiler A node.js library that transpiles to-the-spec Web Components into polyfilled JavaScript

bowinst Automatically install Bower component references into your HTML or Javascript files.

browserify-ftw Upgrade your app from requireJS AMD to commonJS module format via an automated refactor step in order to browserify it.

brstar Browserify transform to preprocess static input brfs-style with your own modules.

brushtail JS AST rewriter for tail call elimination

btakita-esvalidate A CLI for esvalidate

bungee Bungee is a declarative language engine to run inside a browser. The node module contains the offline compiler.

bus-thing Some thing that is a bus?

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

cafe4 Client-side applications build tool

callify Create browserify transforms that change or inline external module function calls

cat-js JavaScript code highlighter on CLI

catbus Code Analysis Engine

checkma A JavaScript static analyzer.

chimney chimney consumes logs to keep you warm.

cjsc Utility that compiles CommonJS (NodeJS) modules into a single JavaScript file suitable for the browser

closure-deps-resolver Resolve google-closure-library dependencies.

closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and resolving based on types

closure-interpreter Closure Interpreter ===================

coberturaJS code coverage tool for node.js

codepainter A JavaScript beautifier that can both infer coding style and transform code to reflect that style. You can also set style preferences explicitly in a variety of ways.

coffee2closure Fix CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler

commonjs-everywhere CommonJS browser bundler with aliasing, extensibility, and source maps from the minified JS bundle

compare-ast Determine if two strings of JavaScript have equivalent abstract syntax trees.

component-amd Component builder plugin that transforms AMD to CommonJS.

compylr Compile angular apps to run on your server

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

conduttore A multi-purpose Router

config-mancer Configuration file utilities

constantify Transform your source to inline const values

continuation Continuation.js is a compiler for asynchronous JavaScript Continuation-Passing style transformation

continuation.js A module for tail call optimization by Continuation Passing Style (CPS) transformation with trampoline technique for Node.js

continuum.js Continuum.js is a compiler for asynchronous JavaScript Continuum-Passing style transformation

coveraje a simple javascript code coverage tool with browser frontend

coverjs JSCoverage compatible JavaScript code coverage tool

curiosity Curious metrics about your JavaScript project

cwise-parser Parser for cwise

darkmagic A dependency injection framework

dba Don't Be an Asshole

deamdify Browserify transform that converts AMD to CommonJS.

decmdify Transform CMD module to CommonJS

defs Static scope analysis and transpilation of ES6 block scoped const and let variables, to ES3.

degenerator Turns sync functions into async generator functions

dejavu-optimizer The dejavu optimizer

dekeywordify A browserify transform for escaping keyword property names for older JavaScript engines.

depcheck Check dependencies in your node module

deployment_groove A utility to simply concatenate and minify files for production, without having a buildstep in development.

detect-amd detect amd support from JavaScript source code

detect-globals almost detect globals created from JavaScript source code

dfatool JavaScript Data Flow Analyze Tool

dgeni-packages A collection of dgeni packages for generating documentation from source code

doc-test Examples are tests!

docnotes Extract TODO and FIXME notices from JS codebases.

doctest Doctests for JavaScript and CoffeeScript

doku A non-opinionated code documenter.

dslify Rewrites functions or modules in terms of a DSL

durable-json-lint A Json Lint library that can parse and partially correct dirty Json.

edp-beautify edp-beautify =======

edp-core [![Build Status](]( [![Dependencies Status](](

edp-project Package for edp project manage

ejstags Creates tags file for JavaScript source code.

elemento elemento / Web Component

emscripten-library-generator A library generator for the emscripten compiler

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