Packages depending on esprima

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emscripten-library-generator A library generator for the emscripten compiler

emu Simple documentation generator.

envarconst Replace const declarations with custom values, so an minifier like uglifyjs can remove dead code

episcope ECMAScript scope analyzer

equ Esprima wrapper for static analyzing ECMAScript

es6-arrow-function Shorthand arrow functions compiled to ES5.

es6-class ES6 classes compiled to ES5.

es6-comprehensions Transforms ES6 Array Comprehensions to ES5 compliant equivalent.

es6-default-params Function default parameters compiled to ES5.

es6-import-validate A simple ES6 Harmony Module import statement validator

es6-rest-params Convert ES6 rest params to ES3:

es6-spread ES6 spread compiled to ES5.

es6-templates ES6 template strings compiled to ES5.

es6y An ES6 to ES5 transformer, optionally convert AMD module to YUI3 style

escodegen ECMAScript code generator

escodegen-evanw ECMAScript code generator

escodegen.jsx escodegen wrapper for JSX

escomplex-js Javascript wrapping library for escomplex.

esfuzz JS fuzzer for generative testing of parsers that implement the SpiderMonkey Reflect.parse API

esgraph creates a control flow graph from an esprima abstract syntax tree

eshighlight highlight javascript code based on an esprima AST

eslinker Combines ECMAScript programs.

eslint An Esprima-based pattern checker for JavaScript.

esmangle ECMAScript code mangler / minifier

esmorph ECMAScript source modification tool

esnext Transform next-generation JavaScript to today's JavaScript.

esparse-cl2 Parse/generate javasript through STDIN, STDOUT

espower Power Assert feature instrumentor based on the Mozilla JavaScript AST

espower-source Power Assert instrumentor from source to source

esprima.hks a syntax valadation pre-commit hook

esrefactor ECMAScript refactoring helper

esvalidate A CLI for JavaScript validation

evalit Javascript library for evaluation of functional expressions.

examplifier TODO: Better name

externalities you have too many nalities.

falafel-harmony transform the ast on a recursive walk

fancierscript Fancier JavaScript

fancyscript Fancy JavaScript

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

find-deps Little helper tool for printing the name and latest version of all modules your code needs.

find-requires Find all require() calls. Fast and solid implementation backed with direct scanner and esprima AST parser

find-used-lodash Use esprima to find and detect used lodash packages

findex Indexes locations of functions inside a project by the md5 hash of the function string to find them later.

fixclosure JavaScript dependency checker/fixer for Closure Library based on Esprima

fixmyjs Automatically fixes your JavaScript based on lint rules

free-falafel transform the ast on a recursive walk

fsm2dot Convert javascript state machine to DOT

function-comment Given some JavaScript and the line on which a function is defined it returns comments and jsdocs found right above that function.

function-extractor Extracts all the functions from a Javascript or Coffeescript file into an array of objects.

function-to-string Extract parameters and body of a function into strings

gardr-validator garĂ°r-validator =========

generators Transpile a subset of ES6 generators into ES6

gettextlight Lightweight GetText for Javascript

glass Code for readability

glslify command line glsl module system builder

goog-base-migrator Migration tool from goog.base to static base class methods.

groundskeeper Pragmas and console statements remover

grunt-angular-play-gettext Tasks for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings.

grunt-anylint Validate (set of) files over custom rules

grunt-autocreationtests Create tests from js-files for usage in requirejs projects

grunt-browserifyify edit out 'require' variables in optimized r.js projects

grunt-closure-coffee-stack Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-closure-dicontainer DI Container for Google Closure with automatic registration and strongly typed object graph resolving.

grunt-concat-deps Grunt plugin for concatenating files according to their declarative module definitions.

grunt-contrib-nejpublisher NEJPublisher ============

grunt-dependency-resolver Automatically resolve your javascript dependencies.

grunt-documantix Creates html docs out of docblock stuff

grunt-esmangle A Grunt plugin for mangling or minifying JavaScript files using Esmangle

grunt-este Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-jira-todo Check statuses of TODOs referencing Jira tasks.

grunt-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript source.

grunt-license-saver Store the license of the library you are using.

grunt-locales Update, build, import and export locales using grunt.

grunt-lyria-assets Preparation of Lyria assets

grunt-minerr-strip Strips minErr error messages from your build.

grunt-protractor-coverage Instrument your code and gather coverage data from Protractor E2E tests

grunt-raven-wrap Wrap all function decralations with Raven.wrap

grunt-require-gettext Grunt plugin to process js files and extract calls to gettext that is used with a requirejs gettext module.

grunt-targethtml Produces html-output depending on grunt release version

grunt-targetngmodules The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-wctranspile A Grunt task that transpiles Web Components declaration into pure JavaScript

grunt-wildamd Grunt task to generate AMD namespace modules from module dependencies that use globbing (pattern matching) syntax

grunt-zuckrig-closure Reduce a verbose syntax for Google Closure Compiler to be more Pythonic/Rubistic.

gruntfile-api Api to programmatically modify a gruntfile

gulp-angular-filesort Automatically sort AngularJS app files depending on module definitions and usage

gulp-ast gulp js AST transformations

gulp-esmangle gulp plugin for esmangle minifying task

gulp-esprima Parse JS to ASTs w/ esprima

gulp-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

gulp-todo Generate a file from your javascript todos and fixmes

hell Experimental complexity analyzer for JavaScript projects

i18nliner i18n made simple

ice-cream ice-cream =========

inferences type inference for javascript

inkdoc KISS JavaScript documentation generator engine

insist Drop-in replacement of assert with a better message.

intdoc Introspective documentation for JavaScript

integra An integration testing framework

is-module-exports check if a CJS module exports a single thing

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