Packages depending on event-component

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audio-component Sexy audio player (requires audio tag support)

autosuggest Autosuggest values for text inputs

class-transition Applies a transitive `className` that gets removed upon a CSS transition completing or a timeout executing as a fallback.

combobox Lightweight select box replacemet

css-emitter fire events on css transition and animation completion by @ecarter

css-emitter-component fire events on css transition and animation completion

delegate-component Event delegation component

double-tap-component double tap on elements. supports touch and mouse devices

event-debugger step through events!

events-component-2 Higher level dom event management with direct and delegate event handling support.

file-picker-component File picker component

grayscale Turn a <div> background-image or an <img> to grayscale

hydro-html html formatter for hydro

infinity-component infinite scrolling with loading and unloading

k-component keyboard event dispatcher

onload Onload transitions

orientation-listener Listen for device orientation changes

post Emitter-like component to create safe cross origin communication

reactive Reactive template engine with data bindings

reactive-component Reactive template engine with data bindings

swipe Swipe component with touch support

tap-component tap on things

waypoints Fire events when scrolling down the page

zoom-component zoom in on elements

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