Packages depending on event-stream

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gulp-file-includer a gulp plugin for file include, based on grunt-file-include plugin.

gulp-file-to-js Gulp plugin to convert a file into a JavaScript represention.

gulp-fix-windows-source-maps Converts path delimiters in embedded source maps built with Windows from backslashes to forward slashes

gulp-footer Gulp extension to add footer to file(s) in the pipeline.

gulp-frep A find and replace utility, using Frep. Replace strings or arrays of strings with an array of replacement patterns.

gulp-front-matter Extract front-matter header from files

gulp-fsharp A Gulp plugin for calling F# scripts

gulp-header Gulp extension to add header to file(s) in the pipeline.

gulp-hint-not Gulp plugin for removing jshint comment directives from source code.

gulp-hogan gulp plugin to compile mustache templates

gulp-html-prettify HTML Prettify Plugin for Gulp

gulp-html2md Removes unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from HTML

gulp-html2txt gulp plugin to convert html to text

gulp-htmlbuild Extract content from html documents and replace by build result

gulp-htmlhint A plugin for Gulp

gulp-htmlmin Minify HTML.

gulp-iced Compile Iced CoffeeScript files

gulp-imports Gulp plugin for importing/including files

gulp-include Makes inclusion of files a breeze. Enables functionality similar to that of snockets / sprockets or other file insertion compilation tools.

gulp-inject A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html

gulp-inline Inline styles and scripts into an html file.

gulp-intercept Intercept Gulp streams and take full control of the content.

gulp-istanbul Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for gulp.

gulp-js-prettify Prettify, format, beautify JavaScript.

gulp-js2coffee gulp plugin to convert js to coffee

gulp-jsdox-struct Launch jsdox-struct npm

gulp-jslint The classic and strict javascript lint-tool for gulp.js

gulp-jsonlint A jsonlint plugin for Gulp

gulp-juice process html files through juice to inline CSS

gulp-karma Karma plugin for gulp

gulp-lintspaces gulp-lintspaces ===============

gulp-manifest Generate HTML5 Cache Manifest files

gulp-marked Convert markdown to html with marked.

gulp-min-map gulp plugin for CSS/JS minification mapping using HTML5 data attributes

gulp-minify-css Minify css with clean-css.

gulp-module-system Gulp plugin to combine files into a module system. Great for creating browser compatible releases of Node.js libraries

gulp-myth-css Gulp Myth CSS polyfill postprocessor plugin

gulp-ng-classify Compile CoffeeScript classes to AngularJS modules

gulp-nodemon A gulp task that will reload your node script when it changes.

gulp-partial-to-script Move the content of a partial between <script type="text/template"></script>

gulp-path-modifier Modify relative url of selected elements

gulp-php2html A plugin for Gulp

gulp-pogo Compile PogoScript files

gulp-power-doctest gulp plugin for power-doctest.

gulp-prettify Prettify, format, beautify HTML.

gulp-prompt Add interactive console prompts to gulp

gulp-protractor A helper for protactor and gulp

gulp-prune-html Prune HTML based on CSS selectors

gulp-query-html Query HTML content and replace the origin file

gulp-remove-lines A gulp plugin that will remove all lines that matches one of the given regex filters.

gulp-removelogs gulp plugin to remove console.logs

gulp-replace A string replace plugin for gulp

gulp-replace-ref Replace file references in the target files

gulp-require-convert A plugin for Gulp

gulp-requirejs Builds projects using require.js's optimizer

gulp-rev-all Static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filenames: unicorn.css => unicorn-098f6bcd.css, also re-writes references in each file to new reved name.

gulp-rev-append Cache-busting plugin for gulp.

gulp-rigger A gulp plugin for using rigger

gulp-rjs A gulp interface to r.js

gulp-roro Preprocess CSS with roro.

gulp-rss Generates an RSS file from files with metadata (typically extracted using `gulp-front-matter`)

gulp-s3 A plugin for Gulp that uploads files to s3

gulp-scope-css A plugin for Gulp

gulp-script-inject A gulp plugin to inject JS variables after reading from a directory

gulp-seajs seajs builder for gulp

gulp-sloc A port of the grunt-sloc plugin for gulp

gulp-spritesmith A plugin for Gulp

gulp-ssg Generate a static site with gulpjs

gulp-ssh SSH and SFTP tasks for gulp

gulp-subtree Gulp module to push a folder to a subtree

gulp-swig Swig Plugin for Gulp

gulp-tap Easiest way to tap into a pipeline

gulp-tinypng gulp plugin to compress png images using tinypng api

gulp-tmpl Lodash/Underscore templates plugin for gulp.

gulp-token-replace A token replace plugin for gulp

gulp-transform-selectors A plugin for Gulp

gulp-tree A gulp plugin to create tree JSON from directory. Used for tapestry app

gulp-twoside Gulp extension to add wrap .js file for twoside.js module.

gulp-uncss-task A Gulp task for removing unused CSS

gulp-w3cjs A Gulp wrapper for w3cjs to validate your HTML

gulp-war A Java WAR file generator plugin for Gulp

gulp-web-modules Module oriented build system for single page applications

gulp-wrap A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

gulp-wrap-define Gulp plugin for wrapping files in a define statement

gulp-wrap-layout A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.

gulp-zopfli Zopfli compressor for gulp

gwm-config gulp-web-modules plugin used to copy build type specific config JSON to the base javascript file

gwm-handlebars Handlebars precompiling for gulp-web-modules

hipster Okay, so today I wrote a text editor in node.js and named it "hipster". Because I am an asshole. (and no one had already used the name for something more stupid)

http-time A streaming time log library to capture/log the time of an http request.

ice-stream An expressive streaming utility for node, inspired by Lo-Dash, Async, and event-stream. Ice-stream goal is to allow for complex processing of streaming data.

in-d-gestion Library for ingestion of data from various vendor-specific sources into the platform for diabetes data

ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.

ironmq-stream IronMQ queues as streams

jabher-gulpfile Personal configurable gulp config that can be used in most of projects

jive live reload your browser on file changes The open-source data visualization framework's software development kit (SDK)

jsdox-struct jsdox module which imitates dev structure in doc

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