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bashprompt A bash prompt framework in node.js

bud minimalistic task manager

bumpversion A version bumping tool based on node.js

calliope Command line interface for kalamoi/papyr documentation in JS projects.

chrome2calltree convert chrome CPU profiles to callgrind formatted files

cli-juggle watch files and execute command on change

cm-livereload ## Installation, running

coffeenode-trm Let a Hundred Colors Glow.

copy-paste A command line utility that allows read/write (i.e copy/paste) access to the system clipboard.

deviant Override node's builtin require to use browserify transform streams directly in node

devtools-hostserver Host Server is a part of Dev Tools+

dns-switcher allows tailing remote files

dockerflow Smooth and simple Docker image development with Ansible.

ds18x20 A node.JS implementation for using the DS1820, DS18S20 and/or DS18B20 temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi.

evilportscanner evilPortScanner is a mandatory addon for evilProbe project. It's a simple TCP port scanner at the moment.

executioner Wrappers around execSync, a package for synchronous execution of shell commands.

fontfacegen Browser font-face generator for creating browser usable fonts from ttf's or otf's

fork2 Fork A Programmer - Interactive Programming Lessons

frob Desktop scale configuration management

generator-aws A Yeoman generator that provisions an AWS-powered backend for your HTML5 app

generator-north Yeoman generator

generator-sketch Yeoman generator

gitty A Node.js wrapper for the Git CLI

grunt-asset-bender A series of grunt tasks to help integrate asset bender pre-compilation, versioning, etc into a grunt workflow.

grunt-dependency-resolver Automatically resolve your javascript dependencies.

grunt-fabric-deploy Provides Fabric (python) like deploy tasks

grunt-favicons Generate favicon.ico and icons for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Firefox (OS)

grunt-hamlbars Compile hamlbars to handlebars.

grunt-say grunt.js nofication say command

hexo-tag-vimhighlight Highlight code using vim in hexo

indev minimalistic task manager

jsdelta A delta debugger for JavaScript

keychain-sync access the mac keychain synchronously

lgen 0config static site generator

limdu A machine learning framework for Node.js. Supports multi-level classification and online learning.

mincer-ruby-sass Ruby Sass engine for Mincer

moonboots-static A static build plugin for moonboots.

murdoc Lightweight Markdown publishing with multiple outputs.

noob Node for noobs

pandox Rod's extensions for Pandoc, the universal document converter.

patriot Patriot command-line interface and node.js library.

phapper PhantomJS Script wrapper for Node.

pnpm-replicate Replicate one or more packages from to a private npm registry.

require-typescript require('require-typescript') lets you load typescript files directly from Node.js. For example: var mymodule = require('./mymodule.ts');

rgulp RGulp allows you to keep your gulp build process as a standalone repo that you can reuse in multiple apps

sakura Build tool for JS files

sense-https-proxy HTTPS/WebSocket proxy for Sense containers.

simspark Node interface to SimSpark, the simulator used for the RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League

snowy-owl A hook to listen to GitHub and blast off to S3.

snowy-owl-cli A command-line tool for staging, hosting and deploying static files.

snr Simple search and replace tool.

spawn-sync Prollyfill for child_process.spawnSync

spoof Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux

tdp-simple-app-installer A simple role-based NodeJS/NPM installer which runs module installer scripts based on selected roles

test-creep Selective test execution

vhosts-conf Update your hosts files, FASTER

vimspec runs vim specs

vtools-cli utility to merge video and subtitle files into mkv files

web-server-rewrite Small HTTP server

wmctrl-pad WindowPad functionality for Linux

ws-rewrite The best HTTP web server that you have seen

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