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0815 Och nee, nicht noch ein Built-Script…

10tcl CRUD over express and mongodb

2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

3vot-cli 3VOT Command Line Interface to run development task from the command line.

3vot-salesforce-proxy Salesforce Production NodeJS Proxy Server that translates SF-REST-API into standard REST to be consumed by BackboneJS, SpineJS, Angular, Ember, etc. It includes an OAUTH Authentication Strategy for OAUTH 2.0 Password and Server and Cookie Stateless Session Management for infinite scalability

abc-web-core Core module for abc-web

ability A simple route-based ACL component for expressjs.

ace_offline Fork from Ace to server Offline Manifest File

ace-sdk-js Aliyun ACE SDK for Javascript

acequia Message router for node supporting multiple protocols

acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-dev Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-qe Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

action-at-a-distance Use to drive CasperJS

activepush Web push service built around ActiveMQ (or any STOMP broker)

adi-github Get a list of repos

adnoce Webtracking Tool für Express based sites backed by MongoDB

adrotator-node Simple nodejs ad rotator

adsense link skip

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

af-node-base Retool Server

agentvsagent Agent vs Agent

agni-framework Simple and intuitive MVC web framework for node.js

airvantage-api-nodejs AirVantage Node.JS API Example

aks Authoritative PGP Key Server

alajs nodeJs mvc framework

alchemymvc MVC framework for Node.js

algorithmbox A metaheuristic algorithm development framework for solving discrete optimization problem

alieo-builder A build command for our clientside code, assuming the use of components.

alke A light-weighted forum system, it is still in progress right now

alpha-one ideas about recurring tasks in Web- and Backend-Application building

always-test a simple, full-featured, javascript testing framework

amazon-book-search Code Challenge

amd-builder A service that builds bundles from AMD projects resources

americano Wrapper for Express that makes its configuration clean and easy.

amid Another Mongo Internet Driver

ampe get the user's repos

analyst Crank out the queries, spread the love.

andamio Simple restful api

andbang-cli CLI and REPL for andbang

andbang-express-auth Dead simple And Bang auth middleware.

angoose Angoose is a Remote Method Invocation module that comes with built-in mongoose/angular support. Now you can call server side module in browser just like you're in the server side!

angry-caching-proxy Angry Caching Proxy which speeds up package downloads for apt-get, npm and rubygems

angular-bridge Mongoose Express Angular resources bridge

angular-doc JavaScript documentation generator with support for AngularJS specific element (ie. services, directives, controllers, etc...), based on YUIDoc, YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine.

angular-issue-infinite-loop Test case for angular problem. Causes ininite loop on chrome.

angular-server Express WebServer for Angular applications

angular-shrub <h2>Hi! ^_^ <img class="foobar" src="" /></h2>

angularjs-server A specialized server for AngularJS applications

angularjs-websocket-transport A demonstration that replaces the AngularJS $http service with a WebSocket transport layer.

announce.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

another-circuit-breaker An implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern in Node.js, now with plugin support!

ansi-logview View ANSI encoded output in browser for multiple log files

anvil.http *OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js

anvil.js an extensible build system

aonx very opinionated application framework

ap3 Atlassian Plugins 3 library for Express

api_botnik_com New read me

api-manager API manager

api-middleware collection of middleware for express servers

api-mock A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

api-routes A declarative system for creating express API routes.

api-walker A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

api.js Framework for HTTP REST APIs

apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apibox Deploy declarative APIs in a few minutes

apigoose Mongoose rest api helpers.

apily-proxy Apily — same-origin policy crasher

apimaster Work in progress.

apimocker Simple HTTP server that returns mock service API responses to your front end.

apimok Mock web API requests for use in front-end testing

apis Library for creation web and websocket restful APIs

apis-expressionist Expresionist.wrapper(express).for(['Write', 'Document', 'Generate client']).of('REST APIs') A json wrapper around publicly open data in Iceland

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

app.js Packages Node modules as browser apps.

appdotauth access token generation server – generate valid api tokens with ease

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

appfront-examples examples for using doctape appfront in different languages

appium Automation for Apps.

applaneapps It is a platform to create multiple apps.

application-dashboard Collect custom application stats and broadcast them via to html dashboard.

application-namejnljlkjljlk ERROR: No file found!

applious-draft A draft site scaffold for rapid front-end development using CoffeeScript, Eco and Stylus.

appup CLI to launch apps that use an express main server and an optional restif api server.

appway The proserver is inspired by heroku a deployment mechanism and is designed for rubynas

appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.

apres Embarrassingly Client-Side Web Apps. Express HTTP Server, and Socket.IO translator for APX API server

architect-express Express plugin for Architect

architect-express-resource Allows other architect plugins to create resources through sub apps

architect-express-static Static folder configuration for Express/Architect

ardrone-browser-3d 3D display of the AR.Drone in a browser.

ardrone-webflight Extensible remote-control environment for the AR Drone.

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