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bloguito A very small blog engine.

bloody-testserver ## install

bloomapi Datastore and API for for NPIs (US Healthcare National Provider Identifier)

bluepress A mock server generated from API Blueprint.

bluesteel A framework for optimizing frontend performance

bobamo A scaffoldless crud thing using bootstrap, passport, mongoose, backbone and jquery

bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.

bones-passport Integrate the passport authentication framework into Bones.

bonescript Physical computing library for embedded Linux

bongtalk BongTalk - Web chat server

bookingdojo Booking Dojo, an example application build using Hotplate

bootstrap-blog Express and Twitter Bootstrap powered blogging

bootstrap.docpad Twitter Bootstrap Skeleton for DocPad

botio Github build/test bot

bottle-sample A simple random-messaging app

bottles Bottles

bower-registry Simple bower registry using node and redis.

bower-server A quick'n'dirty port of Bower Server to JS. Why? The logic is simple and I am more familiar with JS so it's easier for me to muck around with.

br The noBackend RESTful API.

bracelet Simple JSON test server

brainy-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

brainy-server a server side and client side framework for Backbone

brainy-sync-api create a REST API from your Backbone models and collections

breakout Gives you one simple way to write an API exposed over multiple transports

breakout-server Node.js module to run a BreakoutJS server

breti-ics665-expressjs This is a Hello World script for ICS 665.

brisk Automation for Express.js

broadcastd ERROR: No file found!

brofist-browser Browser reporter for brofist tests.

brokowski RESTful publish/subscribe toolkit including broker, publisher and subscriber

bromockapis Mock APIs.

browser-harness Browser Harness ===============

browser-refresh Node.js module to enable server restart and browser restart in response to file modifications

browser-repl CLI utility to set up a remote browser repl.

browserid-certifier A process that creates user certificates described in the BrowserID protocol - for use in your projects

browserid-verifier A node library to verify assertions

browserify-as-a-service ERROR: No file found!

browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](

browsers A simple, easy-to-use browser guardian.

browserstack-workers A library for creating workers on BrowserStack and retrieving results

browserverify Browserify directory server

bruno A little CMS with speed of creation in mind

bsl Bsl HTML5 Framework for Mobile

buckets Hold stuff.

bucky-server Server to collect stats from the client

bud-backend Example backend server for Bud

buddy-browser Browser reporter for buddy tests.

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

buildblink an application to monitor continuous integration builds and notify you by a ThingM blink1 light.

bullettrain Simple Ecommerce

bumblebee Git post push client server application. - Alpha initial publish

bundee Bundee is a JavaScript and CSS bundler designed for simple ExpressJS/NodeJS websites.

bunsen A minimal rest framework inspired by python's Flask and Flask-Slither

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

burlesque Create slideshow presentations from git commits.

burp pre-render AngularJS for SEO

buttress Buttress is a supportive rapid prototyping library for NodeJS that provides both server and client helpers.

buzenko-example Get a list og github user repos

buzzwordjs A mongodb + dropbox driven blog engine

bylxlpackage by lxl styding demo

c8 component(1) build server

caas Clipboard as an HTTP service

caboose Rails-ish MVC Framework in Coffeescript

cache-ex Caches all responses to GET requests in memory using node-cache. Provides admin urls to manage the cache

cade-meu-fretado App para sabe a localização do fretado em tempo real.

cadigan a blog engine

caf_core Cloud Assistant Framework Core

cafesuada A CoffeeScript-based MVC framework built on top of ExpressJS.

calipso A NodeJS CMS

callmydouble callmydouble gives you a public route to be dispatched locally.

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

caminio-auth authentication plugin (gear) for caminio

campfire-archive Campfire Archiver

candle-api candle

canned-responses connect middleware that returns pre-configured responses

cansecurity cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication, authorization and management in node expressjs apps

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

captain-admin Admin front-end for captain.js

captain-core Core module for captain.js

capturejs ## Installation

caradoc-login login service for caradoc framework

caradoc-server server for caradoc framework

caress Chatphrase Asynchronous Representational State Signaling

cartero-express-middleware Express middleware for Cartero.

cas-proxy Add CAS Authentication for web proxy

catalogue A Mongoose Based Data Viewer

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

catwalk.js Intuitive and fast relational CRUD interface for modelling relationships using vanilla objects.

cayenne CoffeeScript's web framework on top of Express,Connect,Socket.IO frameworks.

ccow.contextmanager A simple CCOW context manager with no persistence.

cdaas CDaaS (Count Down as a Service) provides a RESTful service for creating countdowns

cdnfinder Set of scripts to detect CDN usage of websites

cdspl_first_app this is our fire node project

cesiumserver Node commandline application to create a Cesium Server.

cews Crud Express Web Server that has a bunch of dependencies set up already

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