Packages depending on express

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cf-webservice-base cf-webservice-base ==================

chamber Javascript modules for the node and the browser

chameleon-template Admin Revamp ============

chapal-example my file

char1ee a tool to build static autoreload(livereload) server

charlotte A framework for building mobile web apps using Express and PhoneGap

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

chat275-client Chat275 client

chatbox A chat client using the Dropbox API

chateau Data explorer for RethinkDB

chatrooms Minimalist multi-room chat server

chatter module for building chat server and client

chattify a local chat server and client

chauffeur Tool to start up a express server with optional local routes and proxy locations

chenyonghua A module for learning perpose.

chess-game Chess game with node.js,, redis and mongodb

chinamvc The first MVC Framework made in China

choko High performance and high level web application framework.

chondric-tools Tools for setting up a ChondricJS client app

chopjs #Work with the modules ##i18n

choy ERROR: No file found!

chug The caching build system

chungking Controllers for Node.js and Express.

cigar-client The client for Cigar. Collects data, listens on an API server for questions.

cigar-server The server for Cigar. Receives data, also serves pages with info.

cin Lightweight, flexible continuous integration server for Git projects

cinnamon A continuous integration server on top of substacks cicada.

circumflex Express-based Web Application Framework

cisco-cert-api-server Unofficial cisco cert api

cist curl to gist

citation Legal citation extractor. Standalone library, and optional HTTP API.

cities Lookup cities based on zipcodes or GPS coordinates.

citizenmedianotary Citizen Media Notary server.

clabot A bot to take the pain out of Contributor License Agreements

claude Claude Shannon was an American mathematician, electronic engineer, and cryptographer known as "The father of information theory". Claude.js is web server manager for node.js.

claus Creates express app's routes for commands and queries, Loading them from the file system.

clayjs clayjs mvc framework

clients-node Show recently connected clients in nodejs/express

cliste Cliste, a NodeJS CMS

clogged clogged-cli ===========

clogs show git logs for multiple branches in columns in your browser

cloud_g ERROR: No file found!

cloud-convert Easy-to-use Node.js implementation of the CloudConvert API.

cloud-servers Cloud Servers is a package for testing CDN-like behavior locally, running separate instances.

cloud-ui Cloud UI

cloudbus Simple cloud service bus based on Node.js

cloudcmd Cloud Commander web based orthodox file manager with console and editor

cloudcms-server Cloud CMS Application Server Support Module

cloudmailin cloudmailin testing service

cloudpub Easy node.js cloud management tool

cloudq Cloud Message Queue Server (using CouchDb) NewRelic enabled

clumper Runtime module bundling, request batching, anticipated dependency loading, and localStorage caching to eliminate extraneous HTTP requests for javascript assets.

cluster-live Realtime administration and statistics for cluster

cluster-log Cluster logging plugin

cluster-monitor cluster-monitor ===============

cluster2 ![Travis status](

cmbn Generate and serve combo URLs across CDNs

cmbs Content Management BootStrap

cms Lightweight content management system

cnt_newsletters The best project ever.

co-migrator Database migration tool for compound.js

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

cobuild Cobuild isn't a build system, but it is a system that helps you build build systems faster.

coce Resource cover image URLs cache server

code-connect-server server end for code connect (an extension for brackets)

code-templates simple code template or snippets manager written in node.js

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

codebricks node-codebricks ===============

codegarage CodeGarage =====================

codem-transcode Offline video transcoding using ffmpeg, with a small HTTP API.

codetube decentralized git hosting

codingscene Web app for coding events, problems, contacts

cody Cody CMS

coffee Coffee - Mocha Node and web testing wrapper

coffee-box blog engine for fashionable developers

coffee-script-to-typescript Mmm, static types

coffee-service CoffeeScript compiler as a service.

coffee4clients Extends Express.js such that when a .coffee file is accessed through an express server the response is the compiled javascript instead of the source coffeescript

coffeeblog A simplified blogging engine built with coffeescript on top of nodejs.

coffeebreak Test runner for Mocha

coffeeq Redis backed node.js queue implemented in CoffeeScript

coffeescript-passport-boilerplate A demo app written in coffeescript, run on nodejs illustrating the use of passport in express, jade and mongoose environment

coffeeshop CoffeeShop full stack.. just got better.

coffeetalk a smalltalk esque class browser for coffeescript

coke A full stack MVC framework that speeds up your web development.

collab Local testing app for Collab service

collapsify Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets, images, fonts etc. of an HTML page.

coloredcoins Basic colored coins implementation

combo-js-css Combo JS & CSS --------------

combohandler Simple Yahoo!-style combo handler.

comeals The code behind

commajs Comma Framework for Nodejs.

compandme An express-based web development framework.

compendium Instant wiki from a directory of markdown files.

component-boilerplate-express Boilerplate for Component and Express

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